Here we go

Alhamdulillah, we’ve made it to 2010. First and foremost, wishing everyone a happy new year and may you have a good year ahead.

I’m hoping we will have a good year this year. Semoga tahun ini kita semua dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur. Amin.

As a start, I’m blogging. I don’t know how long I’ll last or how often I’ll update as I don’t have the luxury of time. Work is killing me in the office. But I think I need a space to let go and just write whatever I want. I guess this is my space that I need. If some people go to spa or shopping for a “me” time, I guess I’ll just blog for MY “me” time.

I have been blog-reading for years now..maybe 5 years if not 6. I learned a lot from reading other people’s life and experience. Most of the time I’m just a silent reader but there are times I’ll say a word or two in the comment box.  I’ve made new friends from the cyber world too.

Hubby said it is high time for me to start one. Well abang, here goes.



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