New year new me,perhaps?

When I saw the email from Kak Ina and her blog update, I was so excited to go. Then I remember my BFF who wanted to go to Munawwarah…I thought this the best time to go with her. We have been meaning to meet up and catch up tapi asyik rain check je. Soon she’ll be leaving KL to be with her other half nun jauh di sana, so tak boleh tidak, mesti jumpa!

Got the tix!

The event lounge

Refreshments were served too..good food!

The event basically wanted to showcase Munawwarah’s collection and how to wear them creatively. One thing I love about Munawwarah is how Kak Ina & her team are so humble in doing their business. I never knew her personally, just being her regular customer I guess she knows me by face je kot..I was touched when her Mom said in her speech that she is proud that her designs are well accepted by so many people sampai jadi sumber rezeki ramai orang kat Malaysia ni. Sungguh dalam maksudnya tu.

Anyway, got myself new outfits for the new year. Sudah boring pakai baju yang sama to the office. As I’m hitting the big three zero this year, I cannot lah perasan to think I’m in the twenties anymore. Tee-hee!

OMG! Three zero! *Gasp!*

P/S: Thanks dear for babysitting IY.



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