We never really exposed IY to swimming. Some people introduce the pool to their babies as early as 3 months old. As far as I remember, the first time IY masuk pool was after his first birthday. Sungguh lambat kan? IY hated it at that time. It lasted 15 minutes je. Not that he hated the water, I guess he felt insecure in the big (kiddie) pool kot. A few days after that, he caught fever and flu, and I never brought him back since. Looking back, I regret not taking him to the pool often enough, padahal the pool is just sekangkang kera away – literally 20 steps from our car porch. I can even see the crowd from our bedroom window (that’s how near the pool is). I don’t want my son to grow up takut air. I want him to learn to enjoy being in the water as much I love swimming. Yes, swimming is the only sport I know.

His first time at 12 months old

A few days before new year I told hubby that I want to start swimming again (one of the reasons why is because of IY and the other is *cough*lose weight*cough*). Hubby gave his green light as long as I dress approriately. So I went searching high & low for the perfect Muslimah swimsuit. Gosh I didn’t know it’s like cendawan tumbuh out there. Dah lama tak swim, I lost track.

So cut story short, Mama got her Muslimah suit, IY got his Thomas suit and we jumped into the pool. To my surprise, he loved it! From the kiddie pool we moved to the bigger pool and he absolutely loved it. Menjerit-jerit excited..tepuk2 air. He saw me swimming and instantly copied what I did..tangan dia dah ke depan macam nak swim and kaki dah tendang2 air. I guess my mission to make IY love the water is accomplished! I’m a happy mommy!!

IY at 20 months

Faces of IY

Next mission: Swimming class. But I doubt there are such classes for toddlers. Or if there is, mahal kot? Or should I just teach him? Tak reti lah pulak.



2 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Awak, kalau kita.. i think i nak ajar sendiri kut. cos, nak bagi basic swimming skills je. tu la, nak hantar kelas mcm mahal la pulak kan. Milan pun dah lama tak masuk pool. kena tunggu summer 🙂

  2. Tapi kita tak reti the technique nk mengajar..esp with toddlers..but I guess I shall try. Who knows he’ll learn faster than I thought. Never underestimate a child capability kan?

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