A dough of fun

Being an avid blog hopper, I always stumble upon interesting blogs, mostly parenting blogs and I learn how to be a better mom – by reading entries from other mommies.

One of my favourite blogs is this. I love reading her entries. Her journey through motherhood is inspiring. I envy mommies out there who has the courage to let go of their career life  like she did and be a full time mommy. Wish I had that courage. *wishful thinking*

I saw her entry and instantly my heart was jumping. Just the other day I was discussing with Mr G on IY’s readiness to play with Play Doh. Hubby expressed his concern that IY might find the PD yummy and have a bite. Eeek!

I guess the session is a great way for IY to get creative and stimulate his brain. Plus, I don’t have to worry he’ll catch the tummy ache.

courtesy of http://blog.tripletsplusone.com

Next session is on 16 January 2010. Only 6 seats per session. If you are interested, contact Munirah at info[at]tripletsplusone.com

Oh! Pictures of your kids in action will be taken too – professionally. Price is inclusive. I’m sure your kids (and you!) will have so much fun.


3 thoughts on “A dough of fun

  1. menarikssss sekali…sarah pon suka main… cuma dia karang pintal kecik2..into small dot mcm taik idung and paste it everywhere on the floor and wall…and penyek2…serik dah mengemas cungkil2 the floor & wall haha! and it’s really messy! i hope takde yg terlepas masuk mulut!! playdough sarah i dah hide tinggi..til the age permits!

    this session is really good….tempted nak join gak..but cannot ….nanti amik gambo yea…tgk IY main…and tahap messy sampai mana 🙂

    dlm my party book ada jugak on this..but u siap boleh train the kids buat gelang and rantai made from dough clay! 🙂 later bila dah 3++ boleh kut start 🙂

  2. ahaa…main PD ni nak kena monitor dia main so that dia tak buat mess around the house kan? tu lagi satu factor nak kena consider bila nk start kasi dia main.

    anyway iera, kalau u tak free this session, there will be more next. just watch her space and look out for announcements. IY insyallah akan pegi this week but still x confirm lagi.

    kalau u nk tgk the tahap of messiness, u can see from her website for pictures and entry from the previous sessions. mmg messy. tapi best.

    and she is planning for a other activities too. if ada later on, i’ll let you know,if you are interested.

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