His playground

IY is at a stage where everything around him are toys. Apart from his real toys, he likes the senduk, sudu, magazines, sikat, lotion,bedak, his dad’s wallet, my keys, stuff in the rubbish bin, shoes,  and even the lint roller. Yes, lint roller! Somehow it fascinates him to see stuff sticks on it. His brain is like a sponge – absorbing instantly everything around him. He’s a copycat. Cepat je ikut balik kalau dia nampak kita buat apa2.

At home, I’m constantly worried should any accidents happen (Nauzubillah – touchwood). Everytime he climbs the table, get to the stairs, play in the storeroom, taking his shower in the bathroom, we always take extra precaution in making sure of his safety. It is normal to hear me shout “Ilhan Yusuf!NO!!”. He’s the typical lasak boy.

The other day I caught him climbing the chair to play with the PC and after that he climbed the table to reach for a pen on the shelf above the PC. He was calling me to take him down (oooo nak naik pandai ye, nak turun baru cari mama). Then there’s one incident when he played with the rice dispenser. Suka betul dia main drawer tempat beras tu..he took out the drawer all the way and habis semua beras inside mencurah2 keluar. Uwaaaa….there goes the beras stock.

IY tarik the laci beras sampai habis..uwaa!

That’s why we love to take him to playland or kid’s gym so that he can lepas geram and play all he wants without hearing me shouting NO all the time. Our favourite spot is KizSports at GE Mall. So last Saturday we brought him to a different place at Mega Kidz MV. IY had so much fun. He played with all his heart. Dia panjat,tergolek,terjatuh,melompat sakan. But I just wished the place was not too crowded. That night he slept at 8pm to 8am! Peng-san penat!!

Mega Kidz, Mid Valley

Then on Sunday, we went to OU and I instantly remembered a few blogs I read mentioning there’s Kiz Sports there too. Tak pernah pegi yg OU punya. Nasib baik Mr G agreed (considering we just went to MK the day before). I love love love the OU KS! It’s bigger and less crowded. IY ran around like it’s nobody business (he has this funny run btw – sgt comel bila dia terlalu excited, lari dia sort of berterabur & kelakar). Right after the playtime session, peng-san again in the car (well, sebenarnya tak sempat sampai car pun…dlm stroller dah out!)

Kiz Sports & Gym, One Utama

So that was our weekend..spending quality time with IY.



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