Angel Baby Bottom Balm

I have to admit I’m a sucker for online shopping. Being an avid blog hopper, I always stumble upon interesting sites that have interesting stuff yang memanggil2 nak suruh I beli..:P. Mostly the stuff are for IY. But ada gak for me.*Ngee*. I especially love stuff yang hand made. It’s unique and nobody will have the same things.

One of my worth purchases has to be theΒ  Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It works wonders on IY. You see, IY ni jenis kalau lambat salin diapers when he goes for his no 2 business, his skin will turn red and it irritates him. Poor my baby, if that happens, he’ll cry when I wash him and tolak2 my hand tak nak wash. He’ll say “Akit”. Then when I carry him, he’ll keraskan kaki and kepit. He would not rest his in between legs on my hip, like they usually do when we hip-carry our babies.

Angel Baby Bottom Balm

I’ve tried so many creams from Bud’s to Bepanthen to Drapolene to the ones the doctor prescribed (I can’t remember the brand), then lastly I found Angel and Alhamdulillah, everytime sapu je, the redness will disappear after a few hours. I can tell that he’s not in pain anymore when he could walk as usual (no more mengengkang) and I can hip-carry him like normal. The texture is somewhat like Vaseline, and when it is applied onto the skin, it gives an oily instead of creamy effect unlike other cream (except Bepanthen coz I think Bepanthen is oily-like too). It smells good too.

The balm also can be used for insect bites, nyamuk bites (serious takde bekas scar) and minor cuts as well. Not just for babies, but for adults too.

I bought it from The Lil Caliph but if you’re not the online shopper type, it also can be found in Tiny Tapir store at Ampang Park. But I have to admit, mmg susah nak cari. Mothercare, Mom’s Care pun takde.

Hope my review helps.



10 thoughts on “Angel Baby Bottom Balm

    • Fatin – kita selalu nampak balm ni kat Lil Caliph pastu first time beli kat Tiny Tapir store kat Ampang Park tu…pastu 2nd bottle ingat boleh cari di mana2 saja, rupanya takde. last2 now i’m regular customer kat lil caliph la jawabnye. but LC ni bagus, postage sgt laju.

  1. hi putri…found your blog by luck…i wife aqmar πŸ™‚

    nak share psl EMAB, i pun guna this balm for also works well for aiman..we found EMAB at Bebehaus, One Utama..kat store nie mmg supply EMAB product..
    last time i also did used Milkmaid Tea when i was nursing aiman, it works well too…
    Bebehaus outlet pun ada kat Hartamas SC & Bangsar SC…this is their website

    try it πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ira,
      Love it too! Wish I had I known about it earlier. Dah spent a lot on other brands. But I guess it takes a whole lot of wrongs to get to the right one.

      Btw, welcome to my blog!

  2. I swear by this product. Kasheif has been using it from birth till now and x penah nappy rash langsung! Star product. And if youre in OU, the sell it at bebe store and also Fabulous mum boutiques in TTDI πŸ™‚

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