His vocabulary and potty training

At 20 months, IY is catching up fast with his vocabulary. Amongst the words that we could understand (or at least we think we understand):

Mama & Ayah = he could say these words perfectly..siap berlenggok lagu bagai

Do = Tidur

Dok = Duduk

Pat = Cepat

Pah = Opah (My Mom)

Mak = Tok Ma (Gee’s Mom)

Atuk = Tok Pa (Gee’s Dad) & Tok Man (My Dad)..somehow both jadi sama

Adik = My sister & Gee’s sister (tiru kitaorg panggil Adik, dia pun sibuk ikut sama)

Acik = Ayah Cik (My Bro), dia tiru my sis panggil Abang Cik @ Acik for short

Weh = Tulis

Peng = Pen

Ngiau = Meow or cat

Woof = Dog

Abang = Perfectly pronounced…siap ada dengung at the end..he calls boys older than him “abang”

Tatak = Kakak..semua girls are kakak to him

Baybeh = Baby…semua smaller kids are baby to him…he calls himself “baby” when looking at his own baby pictures

Nanak = Tak nak

Jom = Jom

Pay = Pray as in solat

Amin = Amin…siap tadah tangan and sapu muka

Nyak = Nak

Buah = Buah

Ayer = Air

Nguh = Hingus…kalau dia sneeze and nak bagitau suruh lap hidung dia

Yak = When he’s done with his poo-poo

I guess now that he comprehends instructions quite well, I’m thinking of potty training him. I feel that the faster I start the better. But I have no clue where to start or how to start. Mommies out there, help?



2 thoughts on “His vocabulary and potty training

  1. thats good to teach him now…but i’ve no experienced gak on that…Aisya, she herself cakap nak shishi in the toilet…mama die yg terkejut…hehhe..that was when she was 2 1/2 yrs…

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