Down with fever

IY demam malam tadi – tiba2 je. Going to APSH this morning to see his paed. 40C is no joke! Had to give paracetamol through his bum-bum. Then terus kasi dia mandi to cool himself down. Also suddenly he was coughing. And I don’t like the sound of it. So dry and kung-kung-kung kinda cough. Also he vomitted his milk this morning. Aiyah!!


Update 12pm:

Glad to know that there is nothing to worry. Just normal flu & cough. Demam nak membesar. I was relieved to hear DrK said that his lungs are clear. Alhamdulillah. Hope the meds will do its job. I just need to monitor the temp till Monday. If it’s still there, DrK wants to see him again.


Update 10pm:

I’m getting worried again. IY’s been vomiting since Maghrib. Dah nak masuk 5x dah kot ni. Jenuh mop lantai, salin baju, salin cadar segala. Aduhai anakanda, demam nak pandai apa ni sayang?



2 thoughts on “Down with fever

  1. Alaa…sian IY. i remembered when Milan had a viral infections and sniffles when she was barely 2mos. i cried when she coughed and muntah kan her milk šŸ™‚

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