Since IY was not well last weekend, we didn’t make plans to go anywhere. Supposed to go Munirah’s house, tapi tak jadi. Insyallah next time. IY was having his afternoon nap when I was cleaning up his mess around the house. Toys sana sini bersepah-sepah. Then tiba2 rasa serabut je. I need to declutter. Entah apa la dalam bakul mainan yg penuh tu. Silap2 senduk aku pun ada dlm tu sekali.

And so, the therapeutic process began (yes I find decluttering therapeutic).

His play area - before

Used to be 3 full baskets - tp yg 3rd basket is tu 1/2 of the size of the other 2.Err..2 1/2 basket la kot?

Then I started sorting out his toys into 4 groups – still ok for IY to play, still ok but for future adik IY later2, donate, throw away.

Since IY no longer plays with his soft toys and baby toys, I decided that those can be washed and kept aside for his future siblings. So everything went into the washing machine. Hitam okehhh airnya!

Jom kasi dorang mandi!

Teddy bear mama zaman tok kaduk pun ada gak situ?

Ok dah siap basuh, now it's drying time

The ones that are still okay but IY doesn’t play with them anymore went into the big orange plastic bag. That bag will go into the charity box around my housing area.


Lastly, his toys yang dah rosak and pecah hancur berkecai sehingga boleh membahayakan anak saya yg lasak itu – into the rubbish bin!

Result: Only 1 1/2 basket sajo.

Ahh…lega rasanya.Decluttering menenangkan jiwa saya.



11 thoughts on “Decluttering

    • yup mmg dah start train lama dah utk dia kemas toys biasa nya dia amik satu je toy yg paling dekat dgn dia and masuk dlm basket. konon amik syarat je..hehe…but i cannot give up la kan..insyaallah soon he’ll understand to be responsible of his own stuff.

  1. make it a game when cleaning up the toys..i have this song…”Trattt tattata,,,” u know how..and we will start racing eager to put the toys all in one basket!..Tidying is Fun! šŸ™‚

    Keep it up..he’ll do it fine one day.

  2. hehh…kiter Aisya dh pandai kemas, tapi Adam akan punggah balik…and she will start membebel kat her brother…kelakar betul, pasal die imitate kiter…hahah…

    Talking bout that, i have to start kemas also laa…Adam dah 1 yr..soft toys dah boleh simpan kann…hehe

    P/s; teddy bear kaler merah tu sngat familiar…

  3. papa gee marah ker…hhheehee…come on laa, evryday is still like our dating day…cam dulu-dulu…wlapun anak dah berderet2 nanti…tul tak pu3???

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