Little Picasso

I saw Munirah’s entry on Kids In Charge: Finger Painting today, and as usual, saya suka! I love the idea of IY playing with the colours, doing his artsy thingy, explore the colours and texture – and most of all, no need to  clean up after! How coool is that? 😛

I  feel that these kind of activities can enhance IY’s social skills, sense of sharing, and of course his artsy talent. I believe it’s never too early to start. I can imagine hubby asking “Takleh buat kat umah ke?”….Bukan tak leh buat kat umah, tapi kalau IY sorang2 dengan mama ayah mesti dia tak focus and kejap je concentrate…silap2 nanti IY dah sibuk tgk Geng Bas Sekolah pastu mama ayah yang sakan berpainting,berPlay Doh bagai.

Since Munirah is kicking off this session for little crawlers first, I hope she’ll have enough head counts soon to do sessions for toddlers like IY. Can’t wait!

If you are interested, Munirah can be contacted at info[at]

You can read more here on the benefits and details of the session.



3 thoughts on “Little Picasso

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  2. Its very good Pu3…kat sini sumer org menggalakkan anak2 buat outdoor activities…ie: kotor2 kan baju dan segala..heheh…seronok tau!!!

    • Tu lah, kita pun nak IY (and InsyaAllah all my kids) to go through all that process of learning. Tapi sini susah nak cari kan? Bila dpt peluang cam ni, I wouldn’t want to miss it!

      Kita suka tgk gamba2 Aisya & Adam punya activities kat sana. Looks fun!

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