His health

IY was a bf baby. Exclusive until 6 months, no FM until 10 months and up to 13 months until he self-weaned himself. I wished he would stay a little longer on the boobies, but let’s not go there *sob sob*. I miss bf so much. Back then, I had little worries if he ever caught the cold or cough or fever. I knew he had everything he needed from the bm. Breast milk is the best. I heart BF.

After the BF phase, the roller coaster rides began..mudah sgt dia nak kena demam, rasanya every month mesti akan ada sekali dia akan kena selesema…pastu, the fever will follow. It breaks my heart to see my child sick.

Some might argue that one of the reasons is because IY is being sent to the daycare centre. I have to admit yes maybe, but I guess I have no choice. The only thing I could do is toughen up IY’s  immunity to fight the germs. I have nothing to complaint about IY’s daycare. They are taking care of my son as if he’s their own. I’m grateful that I found a place where IY loves to be and they love him too. And if IY’s babysitter is reading, Ju, I thank you (and your staff) from the bottom of my heart.

IY’s daycare

IY’s on Dutch Lady Friso 3 since he was 12 months old, and now a friend recommended that I change his FM to a different brand that might suit his needs better. So I chose Pediasure Complete. So far baru beli tin kecik sebab nak finish up stock Friso dulu. And so far he loves it. Alhamdulillah, tak fussy bila rasa susu tu lain. Hopefully, tak selalu demam dah.

IY also consumes Scott’s Emulsion everyday but now I’m considering of giving USANA a shot. Never knew kids can take USANA too. Thanks to Mrs Imran & Munirah for the info. Now nak tunggu SE habis and I’ll start on USANA’s fish oil for IY soon. A quote I got from USANA nutritionist:

There is no restriction for children to take Omega 3 as it is just a food component. 1 softgel per day is recommended”

Hoping for a fever-less 2010!!


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