Fever alert

When your child has fever, what do you do? Let’s share.

For me, everytime IY is feveri-ish (dedar in Malay)..I will immediately take his temperature with a digital ear thermometer. A normal IY is 36.7C, a feverish IY is 37.8C and a burning IY is 39C..When it hits 40C, I’ll go panic!!

IY never likes to be sponged, Kool Fever-ed or anything else for that matter. Kool Fever could never stay at the same place not even for a minute! Kejap lagi dah tertepek kat baju ke kat bantal ke apa ke. Even in his sleep, dia akan tolak towel basah atas dahi tu. So as an alternative, I’ll wet his hair and let it dry on its own. Memang lencun la sikit, but hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do right?

But when he’s burning 39C – 40C, I’ll quickly take him to the bathroom and give him a bath. Yes, he’ll be screaming on the top of his lungs, but hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, right? A doctor once advised me to give him the bath and not to dry him afterwards with a towel. Just let the water dry for itself  coz the heat from the body will evaporate through the water. And don’t bundle up your kid in long sleeves and long pants and selimutkan kasi peluh like our mothers used to tell us. That’s wrong. Just let them be in their diapers kalau boleh. But for IY, dangerous betul kalau biar dia pakai diapers saja, dia suka bukak and gelak2 with diapers in his hand, pastu lari2 bo.gel dalam rumah :p) So he’ll be in shorts and sleeveless instead.

As for medication, like I said in my previous post, dulu I never bother to give him any medication. Everytime he’s sick, I’ll just breastfeed him more than usual. But now, I’ll immediately give him paracetamol to bring down the temp. That same doctor advised me that even a slight increase in the body temperature can cause damage to a child’s brain. Their brains are so fragile. It can’t take any sort of distress that’s why we need to concentrate on sponging the forehead and backbone.

If the temp is still 37C and above overnight after the meds wears out, it’s either to the GP or Paed the next day. Usually the doctors will prescribe the rectal tablet to be inserted into his bum bum. No antibiotics at this stage. Usually Dr K (IY’s paed since birth) will only prescribe antibiotics after 3 days of fever or after a blood test. Yes, APSH loves to do blood test on my kid sampai now he’s immune to the needle. Dia relax je tgk nurse amik darah dia. But well, actually the test is done to eliminate the possibilities of fever caused by bacterial infection or dengue.

After a full course of antibiotics, IY will be on his feet in no time. His course of antibiotics is for 3 days only – once a day. So 3x makan saja. Alhamdulillah sembuh dah.

What’s your story? Care to share?


2 thoughts on “Fever alert

  1. I’ll do the same if my anak demam..But my Kyra suka kool-fever,so I usually try putting it onto her head dulu..then kan,bagi minum Air barli or air cap badak or air buah kembang semangkuk..Then kalau dah buat semua tak jalan jugak,I bukak baju dia tinggal panties and pupur full body dengan air asam jawa sejuk..Memang mujarab giler..boley try..

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