Our Little Picasso

So the day finally arrived.

I’ve been anticipating this Saturday for the past 2 Saturdays. Looks like the mommy is more excited than the kid eh? Memang pun!

Weather was great..tak panas sangat, tak hujan & tak windy sangat…just perfect! Alhamdulillah.

At first IY macam malu2, then he saw the swings and the rides, baru dia warmed up sikit. I was worried he’ll be more interested in the toys than into the main activity. Munirah kata dia dah sorok most of the toys, phew!

Then Munirah and Farah from 5577studio started to mix the colours (yes, the colours were home made from tepung jagung and vinegar – kalau tak silap)..so it’s totally safe. IY didn’t know what to expect, we handed him the big paper and instantly he asked for his “weh” (tulis i.e. pen)..then I showed him what to do with the colours (mommy had to be comot too!)..pastu dia dah start suka celup2 jari and tangan and main cop2 kat paper. I was impressed on his concentration level as I was expecting a hangat2 tahi ayam thingy..but end up he was the last kid on the mat and had extra papers to paint on (macam exam plak ek?sila angkat tangan kalau nak paper lagi..kekeke).

While waiting for everything to dry, Munirah turned on the water sprinkle to wash the kids off the paint. Anak saya sungguh jakun dan sungguh suka! Sampai nangis tak nak balik! Adoi!!

Thanks Munirah and family for having us and for being an inspiration for me to do more paintings with IY.

Now let’s just move on to the pics ya!

Sampai2 je dia dah serbu toys dulu

Mixture of colours

"Hmm...nak kena buat apa ni eh?"

This is how you do it sayang

The kids and mommies (and daddies too!)

Please do not disturb - Little Picasso is busy

On his second sheet - kaki pun nak gak

Sambung main while waiting for the paintings to dry

He enjoyed the sprinkler very much

Back home - masterpice on the fridge

More pictures kat my flickr



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