Munawwarah Tudung Styling session

The last time I went to Munawwarah’s ikat tudung class was ages ago..before I got married. That time the outlet baru ada satu je kalau tak silap. I was interested nak belajar how to lilit tudung panjang coz I could never do it right. I think it was 2003 or 2004 kot…serkup Aisha was the ‘in’ thing at that time.

When I went to Munawwarah Fashion Event, Kak Ina did mention that in 2010 Munawwarah will be conducting more classes and events for its customer. One of the classes will be class ikat tudung. I was interested to go again to polish the rusty knowledge and also to learn new tips and tricks of how to wear my tudungs differently. Different in the sense that it is fashionable, up to date, unique and yet I am still wearing it within the boundaries of Islam.

Last Sunday I had the chance to signup for this. Had a great time and learn a lot more than I thought. This class was a closed event. I meant that literally. Closed. The curtain was shut and no men were allowed in. We were able to take off our tudungs and practise on our own as Kak Ina showed the do’s and don’ts. Bak kata Kak Ina, it’s time to let you hair down and get the party started. In our case, let our tudungs down, no? Haha!

After the class ended, we were served delicious briyani. Oh I love the chocolate brownies. I hope nobody perasan I went 2 rounds for it. Opps..there goes my diet for the day. Also we had the chance to see the latest collection of  tudung Munawwarah which still hasn’t been named yet. Menarik but hmm..I’m not sure if i can pull it off. Can my face take it? Won’t I look weird? Tengok Kak Ina demo tadi cantik je..actually that style dah selalu nampak that presenter kat TV9 pakai pun menarik je. (I can’t remember her name tho). We shall see soon if I ever decide to wear it. Maybe I should ask Mr G first what he thinks as he has always been my pengkritik tetap 😛

Sorry no pictures this time. No cameras were allowed.






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