Vicks Baby Balsam

Anybody know where can I get the Vicks Baby Balsam here in KL? Or is it still not available? I kirim mine from my SIL when she went to Perth for her holidays in Dec 2008. Now dah nak habis and I kinda like it although IY is almost 2 now and soon he can start using the normal adult Vicks. FYI, the normal adult Vicks cannot be used on babies less than 2 years old (it says there on the label). Yes you may call me skema when it comes to things like this. I am very particular when it comes to my kid. But hmm..come to think of it, I am that skema when it comes to things like this no matter what. Ask my friends and they will vouch that for sure :=)

Anywayyy, back to the topic…the Vicks dah nak abis..nak tau sangat if kat Malaysia ada tak version baby ni. If not, kena kirim la jawabnye..paging for Hanna ni NZ, Meen and Kak Farah in UK, Carol in Bahrain..or whoever is kind enough to help.. Pretty please….Don’t worry about payment, of course I’ll pay you. M2u boleh..Paypal pun boleh. Whatever it takes.

Here’s how the Vicks looks like….



Vicks Baby Balsam



The back



Nak habis dah


I love this Vicks coz it smells nice and it is midler than the adult Vicks. It has eucalyptus extract to give the soothing effect. Bila sapu onto the chest dia tak ‘sepanas’ Vicks biasa (tried and tested on myself). I selalu sapu the Vicks on IY’s tapak kaki and put his socks on before he goes to sleep. Pastu if his nose starts to berair, I will put some on his front and back chest. Sambil sapu2 tu selawat and doa agar dia cepat sembuh.





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