IY & Topi


Ilhan ni suka topi. He doesn’t mind if we put topi, songkok or any headgear on him. The thing could last on his head for quite some time. Lama la jugak stay atas kepala tu. Some kids tak suka kan? Well, not mine. Maybe because he’s used to it. Since he was a baby, it became a habit to us to cover his head everytime panas terik sgt, hujan or keluar malam. Now he knows if it rains, he’ll automatically asks for his “Pi”..or if dah malam and we’re going out, he’ll search for his cap.

Few pix of IY and his “PI”….

IY dan topi

Today we went to IKEA..and guess what he found?

….an aeroplane hat!!

Like my new hat?

He's holding an UPIN & IPIN dvd

Belum bayar dah pakai….masa nak bayar menangis sebab cashier tu nak amik utk scan. Alahai anak ku!



2 thoughts on “IY & Topi

  1. Ingat sangat pasal my late grandma cerita pasal my uncle masa baby, mcm IY ni la. suka pakai topi. Milan tak suka. dari baby lagi. mesti nanti nangis2, and tangan nak buka topi tu.

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