One happy mommy!

Remember my previous post?

Yesterday, I received an email from Carol. She has a friend in Aussie who can help. InsyaAllah the Vicks will be here some time in March. Yeay!

I’m one happy mommy!



9 thoughts on “One happy mommy!

  1. Bestnya,Happy for you..I’ve bee to 3 pharmacies incl Boots..Takder that Balsam vicks..they are selling other brand here,but not Vicks..Sorry Put..

    • Anyway, thanks Meen for helping out. Actually, I dah terfikir dh nak cari brand lain if tak jumpa Vicks. But now dh jumpa someone leh belikan, happy lah!

      Nak kirim NEXT la pulak 😀

  2. My pleasure. From Malaysia – Bahrain -Australia. Across the globe betul vicks tu, hehe. Kat sini jual Dermasense and Hustagil je awak. In case nak brand yang tu and tak jumpa di Malaysia 🙂

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