IY had his second haircut today.  The first was when he’s 14 months old. Masa tu dia kena conjunctivitis. The conjunctivitis story ada kat my old fotopages. I’ve been trying to pujuk Mr G for IY’s haircut. Apparently, he has this whole idea of his son with long hair. Yes, long. Not THAT long like girly2 long. But long as in lebat and tutup telinga and almost masuk mata kinda long. Have you seen the Enfagrow advert where the kid berlakon as the football coach? Yes, that kind of hairstyle. And oh, Ayah berangan nak IY jadi coach bola macam itu jugak. *wishful thinking*.

So off we went to the local mamak barber. 10 minutes, RM5 and a teary-eyed Ayah IY later, I present you….

My cheeky boy!



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