House Warming

Oh not ours…it’s IY’s…

Jemput masuk

We didn’t buy the tent house..instead Mr G redeemed his credit card points for it. Cheapskate eh? Not really, we spend a lot already to kumpul those points tau. Have you ever noticed how crazy banyak the points we need to collect to redeem certain stuff? And one point equals to one ringgit. Adoii!! But we crazy people still redeem it anyway, kan?

The other thing we redeemed was this…

Transcend 160GB Portable Hardisk

Need to back up those pictures!! I will cry air mata darah if all of IY baby pictures, me-with-the-bulat-tummy-before-IY-was-born pictures or even our wedding pictures gone kaput!! Prints are never the same. Agree?

Anda dah back up ke?



4 thoughts on “House Warming

  1. Meen pon tak back up lagie..iskh..serammm…harap2 all my pics at my in laws selamatla hendaknya..tak bawak datang sini pon coz berat nantih..

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