Sterilizer Cleaning

Being a first time mommy, everything is new to me. One question, when do you stop sterilizing yor kids’ bottles? Tried to google it once and I found so many rules of thumb, so many opinions and I got even more confused. Once had this question on my FB status and I got feedbacks from mommy friends out there. I heard at 1 year old pun dah  boleh stop..then I heard stop at 2 years old pulak. Mommies with more than 1 kid under the age of 2 still sterilize the elder kids’ bottles..sekali arung dah buat yang adik punya, abang kakak punya pun masuk.

As for me, being the skema mommy I am (and a little bit of an OCD), during the BF days, I sterilize IY bottles on a daily basis..everyday balik kerja, I bring back the empty bottles from my mom’s and wash with the Pureen bottle cleanser, then off they went into the Avent Sterilizer. I even set up a corner in the dining hall as the “IY bottle station” to asingkan his stuff from our kitchen stuff. Even the breastpump was sterilized on usage basis. Lepas pakai, terus basuh and sterilize.


The station

Now IY is almost 2 and I’m still doing it. The frequency is not as many as during the IY-baby days though. But I still do it. Rasa tak lengkap kalau tak sterilize his bottles. Sometimes if I forgot to do it, Mr G will help out. *Thanks, sayang. Appreciate it very much*

Once a month I’ll clean the sterilizer with the descaling liquid. When I first bought the Avent Steam Sterilizer, the Avent sachets are included tp tak banyak. Bila dah habis, I was looking for it (the Avent brand) but to no avail. I found an alternative i.e. the Mothercare brand and so far it is as good. The only difference is that the Avent is in powder form and MC is liquid form.


MC Steam Sterilizer Descaling Sachet

How to do it?

First, remove any bottles, teats, etc from the unit.

Then, clean the container with water and soap sikit. I use IY’s Pureen Liquid Bottle Cleanser.. gosok2 sikit dengan bottle brush (coz sometimes got kerak2 come out from the base tau).

Pour 200ml water into the container, put the lid on and plug in for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, unplug and pour a sachet of MC descaling liquid to the water (careful coz it’s hot)…let it cool off for at least 30 minutes.

Pour out and rinse with water. Run the sterilizer empty on a full cycle normal cycle to ensure it is clean and sterile.

Tadaa! You’re done.




7 thoughts on “Sterilizer Cleaning

  1. tak tepiki pulak bab bila can stop not sterilizing the bottles. coz so far mmg i sterilize each time after use. budak abis minum, basuh it (with pureen liquid wash) then letak dlm sterlizer. mmg we do this everytime abis budak feeding. n my sterilizer yg model avent yg die akn sterlize after certain period of time by itself. so biar je lah botol2 dlm tu kena sterlize berulang kali smpai lah next nk gune lagi.
    mase diorang baby, if travel i will bawak tablet sterlizer. now dh besar i no longer do tat. dulu xtra precaution sbb takut budak premie.

    • i plak masa IY baby tak penah bawak bottle bila jalan2 coz he was a bf baby. so i got not issues there. now i basuh air panas je bila travel. but bawak the tablets is a good idea. tak penah terfikir pon. thanks!

  2. Now with 2 boys, i bring along the sterilizer everywhere i go! haha (fyi, we are so not in light traveller category!) –> i passed the tablets coz i think it leaves a funny smell on the bottles)

    I think i will stop sterilizing when my babies stop bottle-feeding. I mean we’ve gotten so used to doing it that it’s practically a norm. So no harm or extra fuss right?

    As in cleaning it out, if you happen to run out of the descaling liquid/powder, you can resort to the old ‘kampung’ way like i did: prepare the water like usual descaling session, only this time, put in drops of cuka in. once a month. works wonders!

    • Wow,I’m amazed that u bawak ke mana2 that thing.Tabik!

      Exactly, dah terbiasa that I don’t feel it’s a burden. Lagipun dah beli mahal2, pakai la sampai lunyai kan.

      Cuka pun boleh ek? Cool! Will definitely try that. Will save me the 18 bucks (cheapskate mommy me..haha!).

  3. Hehe. Serious. If I’m a celebrity and ppl ask me qs like “what are the things which you would never leave behind when travelling?” bet on it that sterilizer is definitely in my list! lol.

    ehem ehem natul. pembetulan. cheapskate mommy <–NO! practical and cost-effective mommy <–YES.

    i mean we literally spent thousands on them before, during and now. where's the cheap part? :p

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