Cuti-cuti Malaysia:Port Dickson

I don’t remember the last time I was in Port Dickson. Really – I don’t. I’m not a beach person anyway. My idea of a beach vacay is just strolling on the gigi air and playing with the sand – when it is not hot. Yes, I know, very the puteri lilin diva..hehe…but I am not a minah salleh, I don’t need extra tanning to my already tak putih complexion – thanks very much.

We stayed at Thistle Port Dickson. Very nice hotel. With a modern look and a private beach. I got to know about the hotel after watching The Biggest Loser Asia and reading Lady Verde’s blog. Just thought nak try it out and hey it’s not bad at all. Recommended.

The place

We arrived early (my bad, tak sabar gamaknye) while waiting for our room to be ready, we went checking out the place..the beach,the pool, the kids room, the playground and the surroundings.

Upon arrival

After lunch, we hit the pool…IY floated happily in his new armband floaties…I was impressed to see his skills…we actually brought another 2 life jacket-style floaties but they did not work on him..the first one was a little bit too small (pinjam his cousin Wawah punya), and the second that we bought from the beach stalls was too big for him. He was happy wearing it (see below pic – muka tak sabar dah tunggu tepi pintu) but in the water he was struggling to balance himself. Last-last armband gak yang berjaya.

The pool activity

After his afternoon nap, we head down to the beach. Konon2 nak watch sunset. And also we wanted to introduce IY to laut. And guess what? He didn’t like it. Musnah angan2 MamaIY nak buat sandcastle bagai. Nasib baik beli beach toy murahan sajo..kalau mak kau ni bantai beli ELC ke Toys R Us punya spade & bucket…jenuh la aku nak kena wat castle sorang2 kat tepi pantai. He cringed while walking barefooted and we could see that he was not enjoying himself. We went on the swings by the beach and he kinda calm down a lil bit. Then I tried to show him how fun to play with the little waves that hit the shore, he somewhat like the idea but wouldn’t dare go near the water. He clinged to us like a koala bear. Kelakar pun ada tengok gelagat anak teruna sorang ni.

The beach activity

We went home the next day. Yes, it was a short vacay but we loved it. Looking forward to the next one.

Jom balik!



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