Green thumb

Errr…not me.

That explains why our backyard does not look like a backyard.  It looks more like a mini hutan belantara.


The mini jungle

We finally decided that our mini tropical forest needs a makeover. Alhamdulillah, bulan lepas rezeki agak murah so we put aside a budget for the garden.

We tried to find quotations that could meet our requirement and budget. We wanted something simple and tidy. Just green green grass. Nothing fancy. No plants whatsoever. Karang takut pokok-pokok itu RIP je nanti. Furthermore, our backyard doesn’t have enough access to direct sunlight. So we couldn’t grow anything that needs extra TLC. I was imagining the place to be lapang enough for IY to play a little kick ball with Gee. Or I can line dry my laundry yang manja-manja tak boleh kena matahari.

Since our budget was small, most nurseries kinda bo-layan us. Upon hearing our RM requirement, macam nak-tak-nak je. Buat appointment pun tak datang. Penat je tunggu. Ada yang datang, had a look of the lawn but silent after that.

Then I was bloghopping the other day and stumbled upon Sigma Nusantara. I managed to contact them and Nana, the owner was so nice enough to entertain us and dropping by our mini forest humble home. I’m happy that she and her team didn’t pester us to tanam itu ini nor they pushed us away upon hearing our budget.


The cleaning up process

Sigma N scheduled their work to be done in 2 days, but in the end they managed to complete in 4 hours je. Impressive eh? Another good news is, they have a 1 month warranty period (provided we must water the grass accordingly). Nana can be contacted at 013-2789442.


Planting new grass


A different angle

I’m happy with the result. Now all we need to do is take good care of it. Must brush up on my gardening skills la kot. Green thumb or not.



6 thoughts on “Green thumb

  1. hi puan putri,
    thanks a lot 4 d review….such a great pleasure doing business with u and hubs..we estimated 2 days just in case of unexpected weather…but Alhamdulillah we managed to get the job done in a jiffy!now u n family can have ur own green space instead of the mini hutan belantara..hehehehe…thanks again Puan!do call me for any assistance on ur garden…

    • Hi Nana,
      No problem. Thanks to u too for the patience. I know it took a while for us to respond to ur quotation. Now u know why. We were busy “shopping” for other quotations too.
      Let’s hope the lawn will not be another round of amazon jungle eh?

  2. Tats nice….i like it a lot…hehhe….nanti kiter amik gambar my small cubicle garden…i plant daun kesum, chilli, and cauliflower…hhaha..terer tak kiter….

    • Huyyoo….impressive! Petani berjaya babe.

      I’m not there yet. As for now, I’m still gigih trying to keep the new grass alive (at least until the warranty period expires) Tekun menyiram setiap pagi dan petang – LOL.

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