Here and there updates:

  • Cuti sekolah last week. Kenduri sana sini.
  • Our weekly part time maid was here as usual..Reminder to self: no more morning shifts. Prefer the afternoon ones.
  • Gee had his KL Towerthon..oh! my husband will join anything that has -thon on it. So far belum menang apa-apa lagi, but I’m proud that he’s determined to finish every -thon he joins. It’s not an easy thing to do.
  • Went to the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We arrived too late and it rained half way. I wished we had seen more ballons. But this little kiddo nampak the RM5 Ultraman ballon pun dia dah happy dah. Ah-Mennn he calls it..sampai termimpi malam pun dok “Ah-Mennn!! Nak nenyok Ah-Men” (translate: Nak tengok Ultraman)
  • Pictures here and there:

The boy who was too occupied with his new balloon - tengok camera pun tak nak!




His first attempt to pat a cat - excited sampai nak tarik ekor!











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