The waiting game

Today, I thought I am.

But I guess I’m not…at least not yet. Mungkin belum tiba waktunya.

Ya Allah, murahkanlah rezeki kami, please.




9 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. Babe..

    sabar ek,belum rezeki tuh..Meen teringin jugak as my daughter is 9nyrs old this yr,but i cant yet..bagi settle dulu my study,then will think bout it..

    • thanks dear.
      at first i was thinking the same. but i guess i can’t wait no more. age is catching up.
      u had yours masa u muda lagi, i guess bila anak dah besar u muda lagi..hehe..i had my first when i was 28.that’s considered late actually.

      • haha.. i had mine when I am 35 yrs.. so who old and late now? hehehe..

        Anyway, keep trying and good luck.

      • Opps!! Sorry dear, I forgot about you.
        Anyway, thanks Kak Farah… we just tak nak pressure2 sangat..if ada rezeki, InsyaAllah ada la tu.

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