Pap Smear

I’m trying to discipline myself to set a time every year for my pap smear screening. And I have decided to do it on IY’s birthday every year.

Reminder to self: Call Dr F for an appointment. Checked!


My first pap smear was done in UK. I received a letter from NHS to go and do it (it’s free there). Masa tu menggigil takut nak pegi sebab I didn’t know what to expect. At first I ignored the letter, buat-buat lupa…tapi after a while, dapat reminder tau. Haihhh, macam loan bank plak dpt reminder letter ni. I did google the info dulu before pegi clinic. Tu yang buat lagi ngeri tu. But finally I went in for the screening (after dipaksa Mr G). It was an uncomfortable experience I must say. Lepas tu macam seriau je rasa. And Alhamdulillah the result was ok.

This image scared the hell out of me when I first googled what pap smear is all about - back in 2006.

My second pap smear was during my post natal checkup 2 months after IY was born (July 2008). I wasn’t prepared for it actually. Tetiba je DrF cakap ok kita buat pap smear terus la ye? I went errk!! Do I have to? Dr F said why not? Tapi my experience with DrF was somewhat different. The process went well, in a blink of the eye. Tak sedar pun dah siap dah. It was totally different from the NHS experience. And the result turned out fine too. Alhamdulillah again.

Now I feel that I have to start taking extra care of my health. I’m turning thirty in August – I can’t take things for granted anymore. My family needs me. I need my family. I want to grow old and healthy with Mr G. I want IY and his siblings to have their mom and dad around for a long time. At least until they have their own life.Insyallah. Minta Tuhan panjangkan umurku untuk melihat anak-anakku membesar.

God knows how seriau I was at that time - and no, that's not me!

*All pictures googled

So, back to the topic. Have you done your screening yet?



4 thoughts on “Pap Smear

  1. natul..i just had mine last month..and true, i tak rasa apa2..sebelum ni seriauuu sbb most of the peoples kata “sakit”..and juga selepas dipaksa oleh mr.hubby….

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