I was reading Mommy Lyna’s entry on this. Hati terpanggil nak share my experience.

We don’t have a maid. It’s amongst the many mutual decisions we made when we got married. Banyak faktor yang membawa kepada keputusan ini. But let’s not go there – perhaps in a different entry. Bottom line is as long as we can bertahan, there is no reason for us to have a full time live-in maid.

The never ending house chores

But I have to admit I’m no superwomen. I can’t do the laundry, clean the house, wash the toilet, cook and take care of IY all by myself. Of course Mr G’s been helping a lot. He is the Superman. I have to applaud for his effort. I’m thankful that he’s very ringan tulang when it comes to the house chores. *Thanks abang – saya appreciate everything yang awak buat, walaupun awak pernah TER-rosakkan baju Munawwarah saya – uwaaaa!*

Once a month, we have a weekend part time maid who comes to our house to do the house cleaning. She does everything from A-Z for 4 hours. The company is owned by Malaysian Chinese and the maids are from Indonesia. So far they are doing a good job. No hanky panky incidents or problems up to now. If something goes wrong, I can report to the company directly – I feel much more secure that way. They have a driver who sends and picks up the maid to our home.

*picture googled

The pros:

  • the fees are cheap (at least to us) and we are not tied to a contract. just pay as and when the maids come to do the cleaning.
  • rumah bersih hati senang – touch up sikit2 je while waiting for the next round of cleaning. even then, if you feel like calling them every week pun boleh – as frequent as your cashflow permits.
  • can call them anytime for an appointment
  • the maids understand Malay – senang nak communicate. once we tried a different cleaning company that provides Filipino maids and it was a struggle to communicate coz their English was too complicated for me to understand. too thick and semacam lah accent dia. cakap Melayu lagi senang kan.
  • the maids are trained – tak payah nak ajar pakai vacuum nor I have to tell them what to do specifically. they already know what to do. just give them the cleaning tools and whatnot and they are good to go.

But, nothing is perfect:

  • they aren’t punctual. sometimes datang awal sangat..appointment 7-11am…6.15 dah ding dong bell depan umah. apakah?? tapi kalau dtg lambat pulak, dorang akan balik lambat pulak. coz they need to meet the 4 hours requirement. the problem is when we have plans to go out, satu hal pulak nak kena tunggu dia balik dulu pulak baru boleh keluar.

That’s the only BUT I can think of..for now. I hope there won’t be more.




10 thoughts on “Maid

    • sedih woo masa kejadian itu berlaku…tapi bila fikirkan balik his effort…uwaa..mintak ampun yang!! hehehe….

      yes couldn’t agree more! i’m not ready yet for the headache of the ft maid. maybe some might say “anak baru sorang, boleh la..”..that’s why I pray and pray that when the day comes (anak dh ramai)..things will fall into places nicely..maid or no maid. I believe that Allah has planned out everything perfectly for everyone.

      and some might say “bukan semua ft maid tak bagus”…again, I’m not ready to face the music if I get the tak okay ones.

  1. Pu3,

    Meen pon pakai that weekend maid masa kt malaysia dulu.Mine is 2 hrs aja,2 maids datang then i pay RM40 la..they all dtg 2 weeks once psl toilet and mop 2 weeks once cukup dah,since we all x kecah sangat.Me and hubby pon sepakat taknak ada maid coz my husband kata takda privacy if ada org asing dlm umah..

    But,some people yg hubby slalu out station and anak ramai,meen paham why they all ambik maid…coz at least ada teman,kan kt umah.My husband pon jenis buat keje umah,kalau i masak,he clean up afterwards and kadang dia buat laundry,sidai kain and vacuum rumah..So,kitorang masing2 tau la apa kene buat.So,far still boley survive lagie walaupon kdg rasa mengah..:)

    • Meen,
      Mine pun boleh ada option 2 hrs = 2 maid. But I prefer 4 hrs = 1 maid. Price pun lebih kurang yours gak.

      Yup we are lucky dpt hubby yang rajin kan? Mengah mmg mengah tapi alhamdulillah boleh survive lagi. I’d rather mengah than having the migraine to melayan kerenah maid.
      Biar penat janji hati senang kepala tenang.

  2. Owh how I wish ada option tak amik maid dulu. Terpaksa mengalah dgn both parents demi cucu diorg. Plus diorg insist bayarkan deposit if kitorg taknak amik. Mmg amik masa nak terima org asing dlm rumah. Dah tak boleh sesukahati nak buat apa kat umah *wink* kekeke.

    But alhamdulillah Fin berterima kasih pada my maid skrang yang tak berkira jaga anak2 Fin. Harap2 lah dia kekal lama. Kalo dia balik by the time anak2 Fin dah sekolah mayb Fin tak amik maid dah kot. Masing2 dah sekolah kan. But mayb Fin wajib amik weekend maid cause I’m so manja dah tak buat keje umah macam cuci toilet dan mop rumah hehe. Yang lain2 Fin buat jugak even maid ada.

    • Oh we all pun sama. parents insisted but alhamdulillah they all accept when we declined the offer.

      Ahaa…tak boleh sesuka hati dlm rumah…kena buat sesuka hati dalam bilik sajoo…*wink balik*…wakakakakaka!!!

      I envy you sebab dpt Tini…bukan senang nak dpt maid yg mcm dia..rezeki anak2 Fin.

  3. dear..i read ur entry on part time maid…i mmg sgt memerlukan..

    my hubby mmg nak amik maid tapi i malas nak sakit kepala dgn kerenah maid if dpt yg tak okey…

    are they cater Keramat area? to be specific AU2. blh recommend the company??


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