3 in 1 party

Remember my Happy 3 entry?

Her birthday won’t be complete without a party eh? Sarah is one lucky girl to have one party planner mommy! My biras Iera loves to throw parties. This year Sarah shared her birthday party with her cousins from Iera’s side Luqman & Elly. It was a Dora-Snow White-Transformer pool party event. The party had 3 of everything.. 3 cakes, 3 sets of cupcakes, 3 costumes and we even sang the birthday song 3 times – each with a different name. Iera and Kak Nina (Luqman & Elly’s Mommy) did a good job planning the whole thing. Too bad IY wasn’t well enough to jump into the pool that day. Flu. And luckily the pools and the inflatable bouncer were located downstairs in the garden. Kalau tak, jenuh I nak bawak dia lari pi mana tak tau lah. He enjoyed the crayons and colouring corner though – didn’t even bother to eat!

Enjoy the pictures – all courtesy of Iera’s FB. I didn’t snap one bit – thanks to Mr IY for being the super lasak kiddo!

The birthday kids

Pinata time!

The pools and the inflatable bouncer

Birthday songs

3 cakes

3 sets of cupcakes

Family of 3

My busy boy

Sekian entry bergambar saya untuk hari ini. Best kan party ni? Wish I could do it for IY – tapi apakan daya, tidak mendapat kelulusan pihak berkuasa. *Kelip-kelip mata kat AyahIY*




6 thoughts on “3 in 1 party

  1. Takpe next time Ilhan can join in when he is well during one of wawah’s party. Thank you for coming…glad that at least he enjoyed the coloring corner! :p

    Bila nih pihak berkuasa nak kasi kelulusan nih?…hehehe

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