The Ilhan Yusuf Pregnancy Story: UK

I love reading birth stories. When I blog hop, birth stories menarik perhatian saya. Everytime I read those stories, my mind will be switching on a flash back mode of my own experience of having IY. God knows how many times those images coming back dancing in my head. From the moment  I tested positive to the day I held him in my arms. Everything seems like  it happened yesterday. Jadi,  before tua and lupa, better have it all documented. After all, this blog is meant for sharing our experiences kan?

Here goes… first the UK story.

The beginning

I’m not those lucky ladies out there yang senang nak ada 2 lines tu. It took me 8 months baru positive. Penantian itu satu penyeksaan. Yes, I know ada orang yang lagi lama..but I’m comparing myself with people yang BFF dia datang every month on the dot without fail. I’m not like that. Since zaman anak dara, my BFF was tunggang terbalik. Kejap ada, kejap takde. Bila ada, suka hati dia nak datang 1-2 hari je or 1-2 minggu. So that explained why it took so long for me to conceive. And oh, because of Yasmin too.

15 September 2007 – 2 very fine lines…macam ada takde je line beli lagi 2-3 tester. Tested 2-3 samples from different hours (the first pee in the morning are the most accurate – tapi ni kes tak sabar tunggu esok pagi).

Morning sickness

Not so severe. Mabuk biasa2 je..takde muntah2. But I had severe migraine attacks between week 8 to 10. Fuhh, sangat mencabar. That was the only time I muntah dengan teruk. MS ended gradually starting week 12 to 14. The honeymoon phase begins. I was enjoying my pregnancy from there on…err until week 32-ish.


I had my first scan during my 7th week. Since IY was too tiny to be seen at 7th week, they had to do a V scan internally. Yikess!! Masa tu teringat saat-saat di pap smear. Seriau yang amat!!

At week 10 we did another round of scan. Final scan was during my 18th week  – we could see the little buddy happily swimming inside. Oh one tip for those who are going for a baby ultrasound – drink as much as you can before the scan, a full bladder will give a better picture on the screen. They can see the baby clearer.


IY at 10 weeks & 18 weeks

Check up

In UK, the checkups were done by midwife je. Midwife dia very experience and you can count on her. My midwife’s name was Mary. Oh she is one cheerful lady. I still remember she said “Oh how I wish I could follow you back to Malaysia and help you all the way!! I can have my holiday too!” Happy je dia..sangat sabar melayan my questions. From the start, we already told her that I’m having my baby in KL (our depart date was already scheduled then). So we need not to go further to the birth plans and all the birth procedures in UK. She took care of me until 22 January 2008.


Mary the midwife - taken on my last appointment with her


The best part of being pregnant in UK is of course the shopping! Memang menanti segala tok nenek sale kat sana. Among other things yang I still remember we bought masa Boxing Day were the Britax stroller & infant carrier (I think that was the biggest purchase). Then of course, Gee splurged on the MU baby kiddie stuff. We didn’t know the gender at that time so most of the stuff were red,white,yellow…anything but blue and pink.


Hasil borongan ayah di Old Trafford

31 January 2008 – We flew back home. I was anxious to fly at 23 weeks. Alhamdulillah everything went well. I chose an isle seat near to the toilet, drank a lot and walk a lot. I think orang pelik je tengok I walk up and down every 1/2 hour. To prevent blood clot. But the effect of the cabin pressure took a toll on my feet a few days after that. It was red and swollen for a week or so. Kalau tekan je putih kat situ. Had to lapik bantal bawah kaki everytime baring. I was damn tired…but nevertheless, I was happy. Happy to be home.

1 Feb 2008 – Home sweet home.

*Suddenly I miss Manchester*

Next entry – KL story.






4 thoughts on “The Ilhan Yusuf Pregnancy Story: UK

  1. Pu3,

    Best kan mengimbau zaman pregnant,gosh,mine was 9 yrs ago,but still fresh in my mind.I did’nt know I was pregnant at all,until 1 day balik main bowling,we went to eat at mcds,tetiba tak lalu makan,tekak rasa tak sedap,and demam secara tiba2..Went to clinic nak ambik ubat demam,ended up dr cakap i pregnant Alhamdulillah..bunting pelamin..:)

    • Still fresh kan? Memang tak akan lupa sampai bila2 kot.
      Ohoo bunting pelamin…rezeki rezeki. Surprise habis tuuu. Macam Pu3 ni dok tertunggu-tunggu tiap2 bulan.

  2. Hmm – kite 3 kali pregnant – 3 kali experience – seme lain2. u are right that we should documented it. The memory is clear in our mind – and suprisingly we are not bored to repeat the stories again and again to friends or family.. betul tak

    • betul betul betul….mmg tak jemu2 nak ulang2 balik…rasanya semua mothers pun sama…i think if i asked my mom pun dia boleh cerita balik moments giving birth of semua anak-anak dia.

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