The Ilhan Yusuf Pregnancy Story: KL

When I first knew I was pregnant and coming back home, I was looking for the right gynae in KL. I chose Dr F from APSH as recommended by a few friends and also a few blogs I read. I suka Dr F, very informative and motherly.

It took a while to see if the baby was a boy or a girl…suka main nyorok2 dengan kami. Then fnally he showed himself. Wahh, sungguh berbunga2 hati si Ayah. I knew he wanted a boy (although he never said it). My gut also told me it was a boy. I guess the motherly instinct was right. From the day we knew the gender, we have started calling him Ilhan Yusuf…and at one time I swear I think he responded to his name..he kicked and kicked. Whoaa, the best feeling in the world.

Oh by the way, Ilhan is a Turkish name. Gee got the idea of the name from the Turkish football player, Ilhan Mansiz. Yusuf pulak was Gee’s late grandfather’s name. Ilhan means “the leader”. An appropriate name for our first born.

This is Ilhan Mansiz - the Turkish footballer. Apparently he's a model too.

Everything went well..monthly check ups, monthly scans (kat KL tiap2 bulan scan, best!). Until I reached my third trimester, I was getting more migraine attacks..on a daily basis pulak tu. Too many MC’s and EL’s taken. Not good..not good..dah la baru masuk kerja balik..cuti je selalu. Haihh!

During my week 32 (kot) check up, Dr F found out that IY was not growing as he should be. His weight was below the average. IY’s condition was called IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction). Pastu I had very little air ketuban. The water was very minimal to cushion IY inside. That was the most stressful pregnancy moment for me. From there on, Dr F wanted to see me every week. I had to take unpaid leave sampai bersalin.

At week 34, IY was still head sign of turning down. From the scan, Dr F could see that the cord was very very near to his neck. Almost around it. Argh, another stressful moment. I wanted to believe that was the reason why IY was not turning down. He knew that if he moved, the cord will be wrapping his neck. I guess the breech was a blessing in disguise.

Dr F started discussing the possibilities of a c-section. She was worried that the baby will be distressed. That would be  even more dangerous – for me and IY. With the underweight & air ketuban issues..she, just like me, wanted the baby to be out ASAP. Quoting Dr F “kita kasi dia besar gemuk kat luar je lah”. I couldn’t agree more.

Week 37 – My last appointment with Dr F – it’s crunch time. Dr F asked me to decide if we wanted to go for c-sect. IY was still breech and the umbilical cord was still there near his neck. My air ketuban was not increasing either. We decided to go for it. We picked a date. I had no date preference then, just following Dr F’s OT schedule . We picked the nearest which was 2 May 2008. Little did I know that was David Beckham’s birthday too. (Eh ayat tak relevan di situ..apakahh?).

To be continued…The Birth Story.



5 thoughts on “The Ilhan Yusuf Pregnancy Story: KL

  1. Hulla!! Sarah nak dapat 2nd cousin ke?? heheheheh….
    Really 2nd May bday Beckham??!!! Haha lagi la si bapak suka kan.

    Kira dasyat jugak your 1st pregnancy story…nih. Hopefully the 2nd one will be as normal as it could be, Allah permits. Amin 🙂

    • Oh belum lagi. If Tuhan nak kasi, we are more than happy! Rindunya nak pregnant lagi.

      Dasyat tak dasyat jugak la, I rasa ada org lain yg lagi dasyat kot. Yup , I hope my future pregnancies I can go normal.

  2. Wowww sungguh menarik lah Pu3. Seriously Fin tak tau that serious. Hah dah tunggang terbalik ayat. Yang all related dengan soccer player tu for us yang tak appreciate mmg tak releven but in ur case sangat releven hahaha.

    Our wedding anniversary sama dgn bday Ilhan. Our courtship anniversary plak bday mama Ilhan. Sangat lah coincident hehe.

      • A’ah..bila fikir2 balik looks serious tapi rasanya maybe ada org lain yg lagi serious. I’m glad I had a good gynae then to help me along the way.

        Hehe..relevan utk AyahIY yang kaki bola..walaupun dia tak de la minat sgt DB tu.

        Masa list possible names dulu, at one point nama Mokhtar Dahari pun ada..errk!!! Harus lah ku setuju with ILHAN kan??

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