The Ilhan Yusuf Pregnancy Story: Birth

The C-sect was scheduled at 9am on a Friday. On Thursday night, we packed our bags and ‘checked in’ to APSH at 12-ish am (Friday). To tell you the truth, I was scared. Never been that scared my whole life. Tapi at the same time I was excited. Excited to meet my baby.

Just checked in - ready for tomorrow

Malam tu amik CTG…dah ada contraction..I could feel my tummy tightened pastu relax. IY was still kicking and moving inside  actively. The next morning, nurse woke me up for another CTG somewhere around Subuh. Had my shower and all set to go at around 8-ish. My mom & sis came (adik ponteng sekolah – dia kata bila cikgu dia tanya why, she said “kakak saya nak beranak”.. I thought that’s hilarious! – sangat lurus adikku ini).

I was wheeled to the OT – parked in the waiting area. It was damn cold. And they left me there..alone.  Gee had to wait outside with my mom.  I can’t remember how long I was in there but gosh it felt like forever. Kept asking, “mana suami saya?”. I was reciting my prayers and doa’s and whatnot the whole time. Later, the anesthetist came to introduce himself. We chatted a little bit and he said “I’ll see you inside, you relax kay?” – Yeah right!

Then finally, tiba lah masanya yang ditunggu. Masuk OT. I saw people were busy prepping, and then I saw Gee came in his McDreamy attire..siap with the mask & cap segala…(cewah berangan sekejap laki aku surgeon..hik hik hik). The anesthetist asked me to sit up and then bongkok ke depan hugging a pillow placed on my tummy. He was ready for my spinal anesthesia. Luckily, the process was quick and painless. The important thing to do was to relax (which was next to impossible). But I had to try my best to keep calm as he was monitoring my blood pressure the whole time. If I get too anxious, the pressure will go up and that’s not good. He asked Gee to distract me and sembang2 to keep me calm. Tak sampai a few minutes I couldn’t feel my legs dah. All numb and heavy.

Then Dr F came in, she came to me and gave a big smile (oh it was so comforting to see those confident eyes of hers..I knew I was in good hands). She held my hand and assured me that InsyaAllah everything will be fine. I whispered the syahadah and closed my eyes. I couldn’t see what was happening down there coz they put a curtain to block my view. Dr F was keeping me updated with the process like “Here goes, Bismillah…..” then once I’m cut opened she said, “Tu dia…nampak dah tu”..While taking out IY she said, “Ooo pendek tali pusat baby you ni”…”I tak sure boleh dapat cukup ke tak for your cord blood ni, tapi I try ye?”.. Alhamdulillah, in the end, the blood sample was enough for IY’s stem cell storage. Actually, memang IY’s placenta had little it easy to clean…sekejap je dah siap cuci habis darah semua.

Once IY was out, the pediatrician, Dr K was already waiting to take over. When I heard him crying, I bawled like a baby too. Seconds later, the nurse brought IY close to me for me to kiss him and touch him. I couldn’t hold him yet as Dr K wanted IY to be under the heater coz he was shivering cold. He was 2.52kg and 53cm. My  petite baby. I saw Gee holding him for the first time for the azan. Oh I was blessed. Alhamdulillah.

The first appearance

Tears of joy

While Dr F was closing me up, suddenly I felt the urge to puke. Oh I could feel my tummy banyak angin. I told them, kenapa macam nak muntah ni? Kenapa rasa sebu perut ni? The nurses dah ready with a container in case I vomited. The anesthetist adjusted the dosage ( I think so lah) and instantly I felt fine. Phew!

Yada yada yada..semua dah settle..Dr F came to me and again gave a big smile..”I’ll see you soon”…I was wheeled to the waiting area (again!). But this time, I couldn’t remember much..The last I remembered was telling the nurse I was cold.  Menggigil terketar ketar…They wrapped me in this blanket that looked like a giant aluminum foil. I think they put me under the heater too. I dozed off. Must be the pain killers.

Wrapped in the aluminium blankie

When I woke up, I was already in my room. Everyone was around me. But I still couldn’t keep my eyes open. Ingat-ingat lupa. But I remembered asking the nurse “baby mana? dah boleh breastfeed ke?”  Then I doze off again. I had a morphine machine next to my bed. If I felt any pain, just press the button. Alhamdulillah, the pain killer worked.

Finally in my arms

So there you go..the stories of IY’s birth. Still feels like yesterday. Stories that I hope I won’t forget. In fact,  I don’t want to forget.



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