The baby Vicks is here!

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Vicks Baby Balsam

Saw it at Watsons yesterday. So now tak perlu bersusah payah lagi.

But my order from Aussie is already on its way to KL. Talk about perfect timing eh? Takpe lah, rezeki anak-anak nak pakai yang imported punya, kan Fin?



Update: 26/4/2010

Just got an email from Aussie, she has returned the Vicks to the store and got her full refund. Easy peasy!

(Bila la Malaysia nak ada such refund policy – no questions ask, terus dapat duit balik)




10 thoughts on “The baby Vicks is here!

  1. I pun before this kirim org kat aussie..last week pegi manjaku bangi pun baru perasan. tapi xjmpa plak kat watson. and kat manjaku price 11.90..mahal singgit plak..nnti kene carik kat watson la after this

  2. pu3, tq for da info!!! kita mmg nak carik tuk diya but normally kita pakai vicks biasa tu jer kita sapu very thin layer takut too pedas for her.

  3. thanks for the info.
    watson mane ni? i baru je kirim kt my bro..making his way home.
    my kids i dh try gune yg baby vicks from 21st century, the purple colour tu but hArith akn complain..mommy hot. gune this baby balsam je die okay

    • yang i nampak ni was watsons jusco maluri. but i guess mana2 watsons shud have it kot.

      oo yang 21 century tu panas gak eh? baby vicks ni milder i suppose. wangi plak tu..i love the smell.

  4. Mine tak habis2 lagi since i bought one for sarah masa u pesan for IY in Dec 2008. haha..penuh lagi! But relieved to know it’s here at our very own LOCAL drugstore! yeay!

  5. Pu3! Fin baru jumpa kat Guardian its RM12.90. Well, nasib baik ur fren boleh return. Kalo tak pakai jelah imported jauh gitu kekeke.

    Anyhoo thanks to you!

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