I received an sms from IY’s teacher on Thursday 3pm,

“Salam Puteri, boleh tak Puteri bawak Ilhan gi klinik sbb I tgk Ilhan ada simptom HFMD. Air liur meleleh je mungkin ada ulcer dlm mulut. Pada tangan & kaki dia ada rashes. Selera makan pun kurang.”

Oh my heart skipped a beat.

Immediately I forward the text to Gee and he immediately rushed to Ampang Puteri to meet us there. On my way picking up IY, I called Dr K’s office but unfortunately she’s not in. Made an appointment with another available paed and I got Dr Wong. She checked on IY and confirmed that it’s HFMD. She explained what to do and what not to do. IY needs to be quarantined and given lotsa fluids. We were lucky it was detected early. IY is still drinking, eating normally. Still the lasak boy he is. As long as he’s drinking and eating, we should not worry. We just need to keep him away from kids and crowds for at least 7 days or until the rashes and ulcers are totally gone. The fever is only at night and very mild. After a dose of paracetamol, he cools down.

It’s his birthday this Sunday.

We’ve invited both families over for lunch to celebrate IY’s birthday. But all has to be postponed as IY needs to be quarantined. On Monday, he’s supposed to have a small party with his friends at nursery. In fact the goodie bags for the kids are ready. But I guess that too has to be postponed. He’ll be at home with me and/or Gee for the whole week. Sambut birthday dengan mama, ayah, ultraman, barney and cupcakes auntie Jae je lah ye?

Get well soon sayang. Mama & Ayah tak sampai hati nak bersilat dengan Ilhan everytime nak sapu ubat ulcer tu. He’s being very difficult in this department. I get too stress out everytime it’s ubat time.

Please pray for his speedy recovery and do share if you have experience dealing with HFMD. Any tip is worth sharing.

Note: I almost forgot that I’m down with fever too since Tuesday. Bila anak sakit, diri sendiri terus automatic sihat. Or at least I try to think I am.


5 thoughts on “HFMD

  1. sedap ye, terima kasih….nanti baby milan balik mesia auntie jae buatkan cupcakes jugak ye…dengan baby baru lagi…hihi

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