Ready for Monday

IY is ready to go back to his daycare on Monday. This time, I’m making sure his hygiene is being extra taken care of. Hopefully he’s well enough not to infect other kids. His babysitter texted me the other day saying that they too have taken extra measures to make sure the cleanliness of the place.  Sanitizing and sterilizing everything. InsyaAllah things should be okay now. IY’s daycare tak ramai kids. More or less 25 kids je. And no babies less than 1 year old.

Starting next week, IY will be having his own utensils to use, pastu bawak balik on daily basis for me to sterilize at home.


His own

Also I’ll be changing his shower foam to a new brand..have to sacrifice the cute-wangi-wangi-rasa-nak-makan kiddie shower foam.


Germs germs go away

Note: Oh I can already foresee the drama-air-mata next Monday!






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