The first movie

We brought IY to see “How To Train Your Dragon” today. It was an impromptu thingy. Tapi risau jugak dibuatnye kalau dia berlarian keliling panggung, pengsan la saya si ayah nak mengejor.

We picked the earliest movie at 11.25am and sat on the last row nearest to the exit. In case dia buat perangai, boleh terus zass keluar panggung. Since movie ni dah lama showing kan, so memang tak ramai orang pun..only the last 2 rows were occupied. At first IY was okay, happily sitting on his own seat asking apa tu mama, apa tu ayah…once the sound system started, he was shocked and cried a little bit. IY sat on my lap and hugged me tight. Tapi bila movie dah start, he concentrated macam dia paham sungguh-sungguh cerita tu. From start till end, he behaved so well (minus the tumpahkan-popcorn-ke-lantai incident – he spilled the whole box!). I was impressed.

He got emotional everytime ada scene where the boy was fighting with the dragon. Siap jerit-jerit pointing to the screen “abang, abang!!” pastu muka dah cebik nak nangis. Semangat betul anak aku ni. Dia macam “risaukan” Hiccup tu kalah/sakit/mati kot.

Now, everytime we asked him “Ilhan tengok cite apa tadi?”, he’ll answer “Cite abang ngan ae-gen (dragon)”.

Pictures? Tak sempat lah. Layan gambar mama dengan style baru je lah. Boleh? 😛


Finally I had the courage to wear this style

Oh I found one picture..on our way home…

Kepenatan selepas sesi "dragon fighting"




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