Apple cutter

Saw this at IKEA on Saturday. I don’t know if it’s me yang tak tau benda ni dah lama wujud or what, I just discover it and I’m loving it. Being me (ada sikit OCD di situ), I like the way the apple is well proportionally sliced. Very seimbang dan sama rata. Just tekan all the way until it cuts through the fruit. Easy peasy!

IKEA's CHARM Apple slicer

And it’s only RM9.90



4 thoughts on “Apple cutter

  1. Mcm egg cutter…but different version, I’ve seen it somewhere tapi not IKEA though…murah!! can it be used for buah pear? I hate cutting pears!! 😦
    Cuba gi midvel, houseware section robinsons banyak gadget2 dapur. I love that shop! 🙂

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