We’re back…

…with 4kg excess baggage..not bad eh?

I could have gone worse..nasib baik! Phew!!

Stay tuned for stories of Jakarta.



4 thoughts on “We’re back…

  1. hahhahha pu3 after read ur entry, i trus upgrade my baggage 40 to 50kg.. we’r going to bandung next week with lut and tqa too.
    unfortunately my daughter x bleh ikut, she juz had lung infection and tgh recover period. takut kt sane kena astma attack ke ape pengsan we all lak uhuhu.. tp sedih sbb tiket sume dah beli for her

    • wahh..byk tu…kitaorg 45kg tu is 15kg each. me, hubby & IY. end up 49kg total weight..kena la byr sikit…payment for each kg excess is Rp45K. Airport tax in jakarta is Rp150K each.

      oo nak gi bandung…jgn lupa siap cash masa balik kena byr airport tax Rp100K each person di Airport Bandung.

      one tip bila packing balik KL – jgn longgok brg baru dalam one bag…better asing2 campur2 dgn laundry or own baju (cabut price tag if possible)..this is to avoid kena tax kat kastam malaysia. if they think kita beli byk2 sgt mcm nak bisnes, they will charge you tax. i nasib baik semalam tak kena. My SIL kena bukak her luggage infront of them for checking.

      Takpe la ur girl tak gi..if she’s sick it’s better not to expose her too much..nanti lagi teruk, last2 u lepak hotel je jaga dia..lagi susah…kat sana kalau boleh watch what u eat/drink. if possible order air dalam tin/bottled je. not the bancuh2 ones. coz kita tak tau air dia pakai tu elok ke tak. ramai yg kena diarrhea kat bandung from my experience.

      apa pun – have fun!!

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