Jakarta Trip 2010 – The Arrival

And so the vacay is over. I don’t know where to start. But I’m just gonna write anyway. My main intention is to share my experience with everyone.  I was struggling doing my Jakarta research coz I could not find the exact information I wanted. But anyway, I hope my Jakarta entr(ies) will be useful to anyone doing their own travel research.

Here goes, Jakarta through our eyes…

The Journey

The day started early. We headed to LCCT at 6.15am to catch our 9.50am flight. Poor IY had to wake up at 5.30am. But he’s excited upon hearing the word “naik kapal terbang”. He would reply “kena pakai seatbelt, mama!!” (or so we thought). The journey to Jakarta took 2 hours.

As usual, IY started running here and there despite being up so early. And he kept asking for the plane. “An nak nek apa bang!! (An nak naik kapal terbang)”. He just can’t wait to board on the plane. Pantang nampak orang beratur je dia dah excited nak naik kapal terbang. I have been telling him for weeks before the journey that he has to wear the seatbelt in the plane. We bought the CARES seatbelt hoping that he would sit still like he usually does in his car seat. Boy we were wrong. So wrong.

He sat in the harness for about 5 minutes before trying to wiggle himself out. Then he tried to take off the original adult seatbelt. When he couldn’t do it on his own, he started shouting and crying “Ayah,bukak ni, bukak niiii!!!” He was really testing my patience. But when I came to my senses, I figured he wasn’t ready for the harness. We should have “trained” him at home before the real thing. What do you expect, he’s only two. Chill mama!

The before and after

Arrived in Jakarta at 11am (Indo time). Passport check went fine. Baggage claim was okay. Pak Manan our supir was waiting for us. Our supir was not a Jakarta local (he’s from Bandung), so he wasn’t as expert as what we expected him to be. Tip: When looking for a driver, get a local. If not, you’ll lose time in the traffic if he didn’t know the ins and outs of Jakarta. We paid 850K rupiah per day for the supir (flat rate).

There was one incident when we had locals who insisted to “help” loading our luggage into the supir van at the airport. Of course their “helpful” gestures came with a price. Pandai demand plak tu. Padahal we didn’t ask for their help pun. Sampai 3-4 orang sibuk tolong angkat bag altho we said no need. Tip: Never open your wallet in front of them. In our case, Gee accidently took out his wallet to tip the guys. They saw the big notes and tunjuk-tunjuk asking for the big ones & refusing the smaller change. Kecoh sikit lah masa tu. But anyway, lesson learnt.

We opted for taxis for the remaining days as that would be the cheapest and quickest way to everywhere. Tip: When looking for taxis, make sure it is using metre and from a registered company. Don’t get the taxi sapu or don’t agree if they wanted to charge flat rate before you started the journey.  We took the Blue Bird taxi (Toyota Vios) all the time we were there. The metre reading starts at 6K rupiah. But we had an incident where the Blue Bird cab wanted to charge us a fixed price, but we declined. So please ask and check if they use the meter even it is from a reputable cab company.


We stayed in a 3-bedroom + 2-bathroom apartment at The Aryaduta Suites Hotel in Semanggi. The place was cozy and very convenient. Walking distance to Plaza Semanggi Mall (there’s a Giant hypermarket inside the mall for our groceries shopping). It was also near enough to all our shopping destinations like Tanah Abang, Senayan Malls and the city centre area. If  the traffic was clear, we might reached every destination in 10-15 minutes je. The rooms were well kept and security was a big concern (to the extent that I thought they were paranoid – semua benda kena check, masuk mall check bag, masuk hotel scan bag, sampai mana2 kena stop bukak boot…but I’ve got no complaints though coz I know it’s for our own good).

However, I think the air in the apartment was a bit stuffy..they locked all the sliding doors & windows for safety reasons which I thought was a bit ridiculous coz we couldn’t get fresh air into the rooms. The air outside was humid too. I had my macam-nak-semput-moment at night before tido.

The Aryaduta Semanggi

The living room


Hallway to the 3 bedrooms

One of the rooms

The hotel lobby

The hotel pool - a disappointment coz it was not well maintained

To be continued…



2 thoughts on “Jakarta Trip 2010 – The Arrival

  1. Very useful and informative indeed! Nanti kalau kita nak pegi Jakarta mesti teringat kat entry awak ni, hehe (which i don’t know when yet lah kan…)

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