Jakarta Trip 2010 – Activities

We spent most of our time in Jakarta shopping – of course. Upon arrival, we didn’t go to the hotel to check in yet, instead we headed straight to lunch and after that to our first shopping destination. Haha..sungguh tak sabar kan?

First was Mangga Dua. Oh my god! The place was like Sungei Wang but wayyyy too cramped! Suffocating! Tip: Start shopping early in the morning. IY had his worst tantrum ever. I knew he was too tired and we were just pushing his limits. Kesian anak mama. Tip: Mangga Dua is not stroller friendly. It was battle to manoeuvre the stroller in between manusia yang bersesak2. Although they had lift and escalators, baby wearing is the best way. But if your kid is a 2-year old who wouldn’t want to even sit still in the aircraft, do you think he would be an angel in the Mei Tai? Err, I don’t think so.

Part of Mangga Dua view from first floor *picture courtesy of Iera*

Our meeting point

Another lesson learnt: To go with IY’s flow. His needs were our priority. Tak boleh la nak rasa feeling2 couple2 jalan lenggang kangkung mak limah ala2 backpack style macam kat UK dulu. Kalau IY cranky, mood nak shopping pun hilang. Semua kena cepat2 pantas. Buy stuff in my list, pay and go.

After checking in, 3 of us stayed in while the rest of the family went out for dinner. I was too tired to even think of food. IY went to bed without dinner too at about 7-8 ish pm after his bath and a bottle of milk. Tip: Always check in the hotel first and freshen up once arrived before you start whatever you have planned. Coz at the end of the day, it does make a difference, especially on the energy and mood level.

The next day we went to Plaza Senayan. It’s a mall, a very big mall. There’s another one called Senayan City across the road. The malls reminded me of Mid Valley, Gardens, Pavillion and such. Gee & I didn’t splurge much at the malls. Just jalan2 checking out the sale. But one thing I couldn’t say NO to…….

Sale pulak tu!

Plaza Senayan - outside

Plaza Senayan - inside

Isi tangki dulu - but he refused to sleep in his stroller. Ayah jadi mangsa lepak depan LV. Selamba kodok!

Nanti sambung story lagi…



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