Jakarta Trip 2010 – More shopping

Third day we were at Tanah Abang. It’s a wholesale retailer hub where you can get almost everything under the sun. The price was super cheap. It’s even super-duper cheap if you buy in bulk and good at bargaining & negotiating. I can’t remember how big was the place. My SIL Iera made it to Block F. Me on the other hand pusing2 Block A je pun dah kering kontang dah..hehe.

The entrance of Tanah Abang - ramai gile orang jual barang. Kami terjebak beli patung Upin & Ipin here. We almost missed the taxi dek kerana U & I ni tau!

The aisle in this pic is big and spacious - but there are the ones yang sempit coz banyak barang blocking the way. That was the tricky part when you are with a stroller

Okay-I'm-done-let's-go-home look...or not!

The first time we went to TA (yes, we went twice), we didn’t bring IY’s stroller. We thought the place was going to be as bad as Mangga Dua. When we arrived, we saw the place was nothing like MD.  Tip: Tanah Abang is not so stroller friendly but better than MD. We could still manoeuvre the thing di celah2 lorong. Susah sikit tapi berbaloi. Iera said they have upgraded the place with aircond – that’s why it looked better than before. I saw the place ada banyak construction going on, I think in future the whole place will be upgraded and convenient enough for everyone.

At first we thought we’ll be okay without the stroller. Again we were wrong. So wrong. Lesson learnt: Never leave home without it. IY started to get sleepy and carrying him sleeping was way too heavy for me. He didn’t want to be carried by Gee ( tu yang leceh tu). So we decided to take a taxi back to the hotel and get the stroller. Luckily the hotel was not that far. We were back at TA in 1/2 hour. Taxi pandai cilok2 traffic.

IY slept for the whole 2 hours in TA. I was one happy mommy!


The next day we went to Mayestik – the place to get fabric. It is located in Jakarta Selatan. My oh my..this was my playground. Mata berpinar2 tengok cotton and all. Main tunjuk2 je…kalau fikir banyak sangat nanti lagi la pening..siap amik all colours available if I can’t decide. Balik hotel baru fikir balik mana yang for me. The rest were for sale/souvenirs/orang kirim. Shopping with a 2-year old in tow tak boleh lenggang kangkung mak minah. Sebelum anakanda cranky dan buat perangai, bonda harus zup zup zasss bershopingan.

We went to 2 shops, the first one tu siap jamu teh kopi and water to us..if we were there long enough, entah2 dia jamu nasi padang gamaknye…haha! The guy spoke fluent English so masalah bahasa enggak ada dong! IY siap poo poo lagi kat situ (luckily the toilet was very clean – macam toilet rumah). We got our matchy2 raya outfits – Gee with his baju Melayu ..and me, of course baju raya, baju kerja, blouse and baju yang tak tau nak buat apa lagi. Main beli je dulu.

While I was in the toilet washing IY, Gee was being persuaded to get fabric to do tailored suits..he said it’s so cheapo cheapo – Versace  fabric for RM200 only for a full set…luckily laki saya not the suit type – kalau tak, sama meroyan la dia macam bini agaknye.

Then MIL called asking us to join them at another store nearby. Opps! I thought I was done, I guess I was not! Another round of fabric shopping at the second store. But this time I was under control sikit coz I know Gee would be concerned on the luggage weight nanti.

Ok jom tengok gambar.

The streets of Mayestik - the road were a bit bumpy. Banyak lopak air and lubang atas jalan.

The first shop - Purnama Textile

The second shop - The Fashion Square

My patient boys

Done for the day - while waiting for the rest of the family

The face he does when asked to smile & say cheese

More stories to come…



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