Jakarta Trip 2010 – The little details

Hepatitis A Vaccination

We didn’t hit as many malls as the rest of the family did. Once our shopping dah selesai, we split and took a cab straight home. We were concern of IY. We didn’t want exert him too much. I made sure he’s in bed by 8-9pm ish. Alhamdulillah, he followed his bedtime routine and behaved well. And also alhamdulillah, he was not ill during our whole trip. But still, I packed his paracetamol and cough meds just in case. 2 weeks before the trip, we brought IY to see Dr K to consult if IY needs the flu jab or the Hepatitis A jab. Dr K suggested IY took the Hepatitis A vaccination as we will be eating out  a lot. She also recommended us to take the jab too. We did. Although some say we didn’t need it as long as we watch what we eat, things should be fine. So it depends on your preference and concern. If you heart says to go for it, then just do it.

Tip: Watch what you eat when in a foreign land.

Upin and Ipin

The twins are big in Jakarta. I mean BIG. Every night ada cite U & I kat tv sana. Their merchandise is everywhere! Tepi jalan dok jual the inflatable dolls. Kat Tanah Abang, Mangga Dua they had the tshirts, bag, towel you name it the’ve got it! We had to divert IY’s attention everytime nampak apa2 barang U & I ni jual. If not dia akan tantrum dan dan tu jugak nak beli. Ada one time tu, we were waiting for our cab, the guy was selling the U & I inflatable dolls to Gee for IY. Gee buat dunno and said tak nak. He was persistant I tell you..he went to show the stuff to IY pulak. Of course la mamat kecik ni nak kan? So the father gave in lah. Nasib baik dalam RM14 je for 2.

Nasib baik inflatable - senang nak pack


Spa was in my must-do list when planning for this holiday. I was doing research to go to the nicest and affordable spa in Jakarta but to no avail. Lagipun the macet (traffic jam) was crazy in Jakarta, I didn’t want to stress myself stuck in the jam to go to a place where I should be relaxing. So I decided to go to the spa inside the hotel. I left IY with Gee for a couple of hours for a lulur, massage and milk bath. Aahhh…relaxing! The back ache of carrying IY too long and the lenguh2 feet of walking too much disappeared. I loved it. The spa cost me about RM100 je.

The spa menu - one of the first things I checked out upon arrival

The next day I went again (yes, again. just couldn’t get enough of it) for a reflexology. Best gak. Sampai tertido2. Until I was interrupted by a work-related phone call from KL. Aiyahh! Potong aaa! But nevermind, that’s why the company paid the bills. To-pick-up-the-phone-no-matter-whatever. Yes boss. Saya yang menurut perintah.

The boys had their own little spa too in the apartment. Gee and his brother called a guy masseuse over for a full body massage and reflexology too. Gee paid Rupiah 200K (that’s about RM72) for the service. His verdict? Syok tapi satu jam tak cukup. Memang la tak cukup sayang dear…why did you think I go down to 5th floor twice then? But he enjoyed it nevertheless.

His wife can come over too for the ladies

Coming home

For safety reason, we opted for the bag wrapping services at the airport. Mula2 tak terfkir pun nak buat. But my SIL Noi wanted to wrap hers, Gee decided to go for it too. Coz we had this one huge bag yang takde padlock which will be kept into the cargo. Risau gak if anything happen. Altho it’s just a plastic bag, still for Rupiah 30K, it was worth it.

The big plastic bag - our only extra bag that cost the 4kg excess baggage.

The wrapping machine doing its thing. Compact and safe.

More wrapping

SIL labelling her bag

Okay I think I’m done with Jakarta stories..If there’s anything else you wanna know about the trip, buzz me ya!



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