3A Quilts

Thanks to Snazzy N Such, I am one happy customer, again!

I ordered baby quilts as gift for my new niece (KC safely delivered a bouncing 3.77kg baby girl last week). Congrats Kak Chik!!

Kak Chik suruh datang rumah curik senduk umah dia..amik berkat baby girl..Hehe.

For Baby A

Another pair of quilts are for a colleague who had twins last month. She’s still on maternity leave though…hope she’ll love it as much as I do when she gets back to work.

For the boys

Best tak ada twins?

P/S: A special shout out to Fynn as well on the arrival of her long awaited flower, Dahleea. Nanti Pu3 datang curik senduk gak kay?



5 thoughts on “3A Quilts

  1. Auwwww, thanks dear!!! Mmg long awaited rezeki…alhamdulillahhh!!!!! Meh lah nak curik senduk hehe. Fin doakan yer =)

    Pstt, thanks for the entry about SnazzyNSuch, me too one happy customer. Comey kan Dahleea’s Quilt. Suka!

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