Raya this year

It is my turn..yeay!

We are going back to Penang on Raya Eve to join my family yang dah balik dulu…then back to KL on 2nd Raya to celebrate with Gee’s family.

I didn’t apply my leave for Monday thinking that I might as well go to work coz Gee’s working as well. Turned out the whole department is on leave. Oh no!! Tak nak la keje sorang-sorang jadi tukang jawab telefon and melanguk sorang-sorang. Scary pun ye jugak. Baik duduk rumah melanguk dengan IY kan? But deep down, I wanted to save my annual leaves for emergencies and our November trip. Bila dah ada anak kecik ni, cuti tahunan hanya untukmu anak. Bila sakit demam, ayah tak laku. That explains why Gee still has balance of 20 days++ of his annual leave. Sungguh jealous!

I haven’t started packing (which is so not me)..maybe coz balik 3 hari je kot..and dok teringat kerja menimbun kat ofis..but nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to spending Eid with both families. Nevermind, naik kereta takde weight issues, sumbat je. Kalau naik plane baru yang nak kena timbang tara bagai beg tu.

Selamat berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya to everyone. Drive safe and watch what you eat masa raya. You don’t want to lose 3kg in Ramadhan but gain 5kg in Syawal, do you? Haha!

P/S: I got a feeling my best-friend P is coming..perut dah memulas semacam..Darn! Please don’t come please don’t come. Oh penantian memang satu penyiksaan.



8 thoughts on “Raya this year

    • hello,
      our relatives kat all over penang/taiping/kedah/perlis (both mine & gee’s) – mine kat prai – kat penang I ada relatives je..my parents mmg duduk KL.

      anyway, salam kenal. selamat hari raya.

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