This is one Raya I’ll never forget

Ok here goes. This is a story as a reminder not just for me, but for all mommies & daddies yang ada anak yang lasak macam IY. Or even kalau tak lasak pun just take precaution steps coz kids are sooo unexpected.

We were checking out from our hotel room on the 11th floor (2nd day of Syawal). IY ran to the lift and press the button DOWN. The door opened and he went in without waiting for me.  Tak sempat nak kejar dia, macam lipas kudung anakku ini. The door closed. I shivered! OH MY GOD, is this my worst nightmare?

Luckily, Gee was the calm one. He instructed me what to do, coz I can’t think no more. We saw the lift stopped on the 9th floor and I rushed down to see if IY was there. He wasn’t. Quickly called Gee and he was on his way to the 8th floor (coz he saw the lift stopped there next). I on the other hand went to the ground floor and ran (yes, I ran!) to the  front desk asking for help. The security guard rushed to check on the CCTV’s. Seconds later, Gee called saying he found IY on the 8th floor. He was chatting away with the housekeeping staff in front of one of the rooms (I think he got confused seeing all the door rooms looked the same). The staff asked him “bilik yang mana?”..he answered “yang tuu, bilik An”.. pointing at one of the door that was almost the same position as our room on the 11th floor. I told the staff at the front desk that we found him, and the security guards came out from the CCTV room saying that he saw IY with Gee on the CCTV.

Oh my!! That was my longest 5 minutes ever. Berpeluh satu badan and my heart was pounding. From the moment I “lost” him, I was praying “Ya Allah, Kau lindungi anak aku, please” … and I kept beristighfar non stop. Bila dah jumpa dia, mata dia bergenang but he didn’t cry one bit. He looked puzzled from all the commotion though.  Kami terus bayar bill and naik kereta balik. Padahal dah plan nak bergambar dulu kat lobby hotel dengan baju raya. Mama trauma!

This is a lesson for me and Gee that our little guy is just too quick. Sekelip mata je zap zup zass. Dia tak kenal erti berjalan, dia hanya tahu berlari. Aduhaiii~

That is the distance from our room to the lift area - and that's my cheeky little boy on the first day of Syawal



11 thoughts on “This is one Raya I’ll never forget

  1. one of the puzzle pieces in raising our complete the whole pic and Ilhan Yusuf mcm-mcm lagi…pengalaman lepas nih. Thank god he is okay! Terbeliak gak dengaq semalam masa u cerita! fuhh biasa dengar tain gan gee mcm tu…ni anak buah laks…hehe an an…

    • iera, betul tu, selalu je dengar cerita my bro or MIL cite pasal Tain & Gee nakal masa kecik2..this time jadi kat I, mmg berderau darah. Lepas ni mmg kena super extra careful jaga dia.

  2. Thank God all is well! I can only imagine. Well happy raya anyways Natul!! This shall be one of the looking-back moments in our raising-boys album! 🙂

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