The Raya Ad

I know I’m not the only one. Every year we will be waiting for the Raya commercials on TV. And this year I bet everybody talks about TV3’s controversial advert. But let’s not go there. Fullstop.

This year, my favourite has to be Maxis. The one yang she balik kampung to spend Raya with her in-laws and visit her husband’s grave. The first time I saw the ad, I didn’t notice that the hubby was dead, only when I saw the family picture on the table I understood the whole story. The advert made me terharu, especially the look on the mother’s face when hugging her oh so tightly. And everytime it aired, it would still have the same effect on me over and over.

If you rajin to google, you’ll learn that behind all those kasih sayang-hari raya-lovey dovey drama, there is a very strong marketing message. Very strong. Perasan tak?

So, which is your favourite this year?

P/S: By the way, Petronas ad will never be the same. This year punya advert, I just don’t get it. Apakahh??



8 thoughts on “The Raya Ad

  1. babe….this Q is totally out of your raya iklan….

    Nak tanya pasal ur cousin sharizad affendi tue….do you have his contact no? tup tup tringat kat dia… really nak say hi to him? if you adalah..if xde..its ok!

    by the way..yup i agree on maxis n petronas iklan…not to forget KFC iklan…..kira boleh layan lah….

      • ok. thanks….

        mcm mana i kenal ijad??? uhmmmm…panjang cut it short…masa i belajar kat uitm dulu……he works at shah alam juga kan so mcm ‘terkenal’ tak ‘tersengaja’…..

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