The post raya week

Back from the Raya break, Gee had to go to Milan for a week. Yes, the one in Italy. Wish I could follow. Tapi wish je lah kan. His trip was too last minute for me to plan anything . I could not just leave the office..dah la baru balik raya..of course workload bertimbun..cuti pun dah habis and I couldn’t  afford to go on unpaid leaves. And so, IY and I spent the whole week berdua sahaja. Oh sungguh sunyi rumah when there’s less 1 person at home. Luckily, he rarely travels. Maybe that’s why tak biasa when he’s not around.

He’s back now and I’m trying to get him to write something about his trip. Wish me luck if you wanna see pictures and stories from Milan. So far he said, “tengoklah”..that’s good enough. Ada harapan la tu kot. Although he spent most of his time in the factory, he did jalan-jalan kat city centre after work and on the last day he went to a factory outlet village. No he didn’t get me any designer bag altho it was said to be super cheap there. Bak kata my friend Carol, your cheap may not be the same as my cheap. Cheap is subjective.

While waiting for the Italy entry, I leave you with this budak kecik and his souvenirs from Milano!

Ben 10 candy fan and Buzz Lightyear pyjamas



2 thoughts on “The post raya week

  1. hahaha…i like “your cheap may as not as my cheap”…not to forget FAM’s friend statement “biar menyesal beli jgn menyesal tak beli”….

    woot woot woot

    hae hanafi

    • kan kan? org lain mungkin kata murah nyeee…tp still 4 digits! so to me it’s still expensive. tapi everyone has their own preferences kan. what is luxury to you might be a necessity to someone else.

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