His Italy trip

Berjaya memujuk him to write an entry on his Milan trip. Tapi I’m the one writing it lah. He gave me notes and points. Very typical kan? Well, that’s better than nothing. So here goes – Milan, Italy from the eyes of my hubby.

Day 1 was a Sunday. They arrived Milan Airport around 2pm++. Headed straight to the hotel. They stayed at AS Monza Hotel in Monza. Monza is about 1 hour drive (inclusive of the traffic jam) from Milan city centre. Around 5pm they went out to explore the town and makan kebab. He also went souvenir shopping kat area Duomo & San Babila.

Just arrived

In front of the hotel

Day 2-5 were nothing more than work work and work. He said by the time balik hotel, it was already night time so most of the shops dah tutup. They could only take pictures of the magnificent buildings. I loved the architecture. Cantik sangat.

Love the architecture

On day 6 they managed to finish work early around 4 and their Italian colleagues drove them to Serravalle Designer Outlet. It’s near Genova. The outlet is one of McArthur Glen ‘s designer outlet chains. When we were in Manchester, our favourite shopping paradise was McArthur Glen’s Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet in Chester. I still remember how we serbu the place on Boxing Day. Oh I miss that!

Serravalle Designer Outlet

Gee said that they didn’t have much time to shop. Yer la, dah kul 4pm kan..baru habis kerja pulak tu. When they arrived, his focus was only to HIS kinda shops. Bila I tanya, baju kids takde ke? His answer was “tak perasan lah..tak cukup time”…and don’t even think of asking MY kinda shops. Nevertheless, he bought me a cute ADIDAS tote bag (thanks dear!), SWATCH for his sisters, PUMA T-shirt, an ADIDAS football boots and NIKE Juventus jersey for himself. Can you see the pattern of HIS kinda shops? I’m sure you can.

Nike Factory Store

Adidas Outlet

Next day was their last day. Their flight was scheduled at 3.30pm. They were supposed to check out at 12pm. Gee and his colleague wanted to visit Milan’s San Siro Stadium, so off they went in the morning. Unfortunately, the stadium was closed coz there was a game to be held in the evening. Even the souvenir shop was closed too. So dapat amik gambar from outside je. Dah la drizzling hujan plak tu. Kesian. Better luck next time sayang. Err, ada ke next time?

San Siro Stadium

His ETA on Sunday was supposed to be 2.30pm. IY and I took the ERL to KLIA to pick him up. IY always wanted to naik the choo choo train (as he calls it) so I guess this is a great chance to take him for a ride. I arrived KLIA at 3.30pm and Gee called. I was happy coz I thought  he has arrived. Tiba-tiba “Yang, kitaorg kat Singapore ni. The plane made a turn. Tak sure bila sampai”. Oh my! Nak buat macam mana kan…terpaksa la tunggu. I took IY for a snack at McD and a workout session (for MamaIY too!) at the playland near KFC. Gee finally landed at 5-ish. IY jerit “Ayahhh!!” and ran into his arms at the arrival hall. Macam setahun tak jumpa. Haha!

Daddy's home



6 thoughts on “His Italy trip

  1. Thank you for buying Jessy’s Pajamas for wawah, tak sabar-sabar dia pakai kan aritu…tau2 dah bogel nak tukar baju sendiri *ahaks*. More picas la nanti, pasang kat umah mami…kata kat Gee slide show plus his own narration hhehe..

    Pu3 dear, yes i’m very certain u and family will have another trip to Italy! 🙂

    • Tu la kan…mistake betul cepat sangat tunjuk kat dia. I dok ckp kat dia, Wawah gi simpan dalam bilik…tak sangka dia nak cabut terus pakai dan dan tu gak.

      Okay nanti buat slideshow kat TV all the pictures taken + narration

      Err..another trip to Italy? Amin amin murah rezeki sampai la kami ke sana.

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