A mommy with a list

I’m thinking….

1. Nak makan apa dinner malam ni ye?

2. Nak masak apa weekend ni ye?

3. When will I start potty training IY. Bila nak beli CD ni?

4. Oh the baju raya(s) are still at the dry cleaners. Darn, lupa nak pick up.

5. Need to finish folding the clothes – the weekend laundry. Setinggi Gunung Kinabalu.

6. Should IY go to playschool in January?

7. Need to declutter the store room. Rimas!

8. Will I ever be 50kg again…ever?

9. Does Gee know how proud I am with his weight loss achievement?

10. Where should we go during the longggg CNY break next year?

11. GC trip needs to be finalized.

12. Singapore trip – checked.

A mother’s never ending thoughts, planning, worrying and ramblings. Okay now I can get back to work. It’s out of my chest.


3 thoughts on “A mommy with a list

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