Potty training and cloth diapers

These past few days IY has been experiencing diaper rash. Not at his bum bum but at his crotch and upper thigh. I got a feeling it’s because of his diapers yang ketat. He’s on XL now. Moving to XXL feels like we are almost reaching the end of the tunnel. Dah nak sampai garisan penamat dah ni nampaknye. It’s time for potty training baby! Masalah  nye…siapakah yang belum bersedia? Ilhan Yusuf atau Puteri Mama?

Right now IY could tell us that he has done with his no 1 or no 2 businesses. But only when he is DONE. Pernah sekali tu terlambat kasi pakai pampers and he was standing at one corner senyap je…rupanya “Mama, An cincinggg”.

I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with the mopping every 5 minutes. My best bet would be cloth diapers (CD). I think lah. The idea of CD is to teach IY to feel the wetness and tell me that he needs to be changed. Hoping that in time, he knows that he needs to get into the potty seat even before he’s done.

I was browsing through Tiny Tapir and Fabulous Mom website and saw sooo many brands to choose from. And they are not that cheap either. But considering it is a one time cost, I guess the Mamipokos cost a bomb too if we do the math.

Extract from Baby Center while doing my research:

Will using cloth diapers make my daughter IY ready to potty train earlier?

Expert Answers

Edward Christophersen, clinical psychologist

No one knows for sure. Some experts and parents believe that using cloth diapers speeds up the potty training process because a child can feel immediately when he’s wet himself and is uncomfortable. The idea then is that he’ll learn the connection between being wet and uncomfortable in the cloth diapers and using the bathroom instead. These same experts say that disposable diapers and training pants, which are very absorbent, may not be able to play the same role because a toddler won’t feel as wet as he would if he peed or pooped in a cloth diaper. But no studies I’ve seen have shown that cloth diapers make it possible to train a child earlier. And if your child has been using disposables all this time, it makes little sense to switch to cloth now. Once you embark on potty training your daughter IY, however, you could have him wear thick cotton training pants, which allow him to feel wetness against his skin.

Hmm….ready, get set, go!



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