Our first property

The beginning of our journey. Praying that everything will go well with this purchase. Now I know the excitement that others feel when owning their own home.



And of course it means deco..deco..deco! Can’t wait!!



13 thoughts on “Our first property

  1. Congratulations! We were just googling LaVille last weekend for investment purposes. Good luck and have fun decorating the house. Money well spent, I say!

  2. Welcome to the group…:)

    Take 100% financing if possible, but i know other Banks give 90% +10% je. Then u can withdraw EPF for 1st house..spend on all the basic things you need for the house. Gambar model tak amik? Nak tgk..

    so far did u managed to negotiate with ur Banker on BFR- 2.20% ke?

    • Thanks Iera. Happy to join the club.

      We took 90% financing. 100% tak dapat la. Planning to sort out on the EPF too.

      Yup I managed to get BFR-2.2%…I have 3 LO’s from 3 different banks now. All same rate. So now we’re going through the T&C to see which one suits us the best.

      you were right about the company banker. special attention tuu. the perks of dealing with them everyday eh?

      Ada gambar tapi that’s not the real unit. But more or less the same. Will post soon.

      We wanna see the house ready first before deciding on the cosmetic touch ups. while waiting, kumpul duit and byr interest le dulu nampaknye. :=)

      • decide based on akhirat gaks tau if possible la *wink*

        hehe tulah,memang banker will take care our our loyal. most deposit customer and etc reasons yg boleh justify for u to get a good rate! lucky u , u guys deserved it…!

        ok now…let the journey begin! 🙂

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