Johor Bahru

We left KL around 10am coz we wanted to beat the morning heavy traffic since it’s a weekday. Managed to reach JB at 2pm. Stayed at Thistle Hotel JB coz staying in Singapore will be a little bit too expensive for us. Gee said it was Hyatt before. They refurbished it and now it’s Thistle.


Thistle Johor Bahru

Our room


We had lunch at Danga Bay before checking in. I was starting to get queasy and couldn’t wait to reach the hotel. Nasib baik tak uwek dalam kereta. IY as usual was such a darling in the car. He slept all the way from KL to JB. Celik je mata dah sampai. He kept saying “An nak swimming…nak tengok elephant…nak tengok bird…tiger…ayam (huh?)”…coz we promised him the Zoo.

The interior of Thistle is almost the same as Thistle PD that we went early this year. Modern and minimalist. This time we took extra care of IY and the lift. We do not want the Raya incident to happen again, do we? But guess what? He has something else lined up. He broke a plate during breakfast. Just like that. Prangggg!! Pecah berderai okay!*Mama tepuk dahi*

After Asar, we went down to the pool for a swim and quick tour around the hotel. I must say the PD one is much better in terms of the facilities. At least that’s what I think. There is a Clark Hatch Fitness Centre here which is great but I think for mommies with a toddler like me, I would appreciate a playground better. Even the kiddie pool does not look like a kiddie pool to me. IY and Ayah had a quick swim, merely 15 minutes and they are done.

Lepas maghrib we wanted to go for dinner at Danga Bay, but IY had an early night. He slept from 7pm to 7am. Tak sampai hati nak angkat and kejut dia, so we ordered- in je.

Day one – done.



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